Travel Kit

Traveling has become a very big part of my life. But, like all of you, I want to stay in shape and be able to get a challenging workout no matter where I am. Sometimes I’m able find a gym that will let me train there for free, but mostly I’m stuck with hotel “fitness rooms” or nothing at all.

That’s why I started carrying these few things with me on every trip. They are small, effective and give you the ability get a challenging workout in no matte where you are or what equipment you have.

[order_box_3 width=”85%” + border=”1px”]Fat Gripz are just pieces of hard foam that you slip on over a normal sized barbell/dumbbell handle. They make any normal bar into a thick bar, which takes more effort to move and hold onto. These are perfect for hotel fitness centers or chain gyms that only have few select dumbbells. These are also great for making pull-ups more difficult.

The TRX is an amazing piece of equipment that literally lets you train anywhere. Hang it off of a pull-up bar, tree branch or use the door attachment to use it in a hotel room and you have a full body workout ready to happen.

Mini Bands are crucial if you want to to resistance exercises and don’t want to worry about finding a gym. Just like the TRX, you can  us a mini band to replicate and tweak almost every exercise you can do in a gym. My suggestion is to go with the medium band. It will give you enough resistance to make most movements challenging but are still light enough to be used with a wide variety of movements.

A speed rope is great to use for warmups or as a conditioning workout by itself. If you’re worried about saving space like I am, get a speed rope. They’re cheap, light and can be packed into the little nooks and crannies that are always left after you pack everything else.