Deep End of Time Management Pt. 1

How was I able to fit roughly 30 hours worth of shit to do into a 24-hour day??

Easy answer…I wasn’t.

No matter how much you beg, plead, wish, or offer sexual favors, each day is only 24 hours long and 99% of the world is dead set in their 9-5 daily grind. This 9-5 grind is completely different from the hustle/make-moves kind of grind. I used to be under the impression that you could only get work done between 9am and 5pm too. Until I was forced to realize that it’s not the case.

My last two and half years I was on scholarship with ROTC, meaning I essentially got paid to go to school as long as I met certain requirements like GPA and not missing classes. Basic shit right? Absolutely. But, with the fact that most of the actual “learning” that takes place in ROTC is back loaded into the last two years, it became the equivalent of another full course load.

Add in the fact that I had to drive across town from the college I was actually attending to the college that had the ROTC program, and the fact that I was still convinced I was “da bomb” in football and trying my like hell to make it past the fucking JV team and you have one very busy day after very busy day after very busy day.

The actual course load at one point looked something like this:

  • 0500 – Wake Up/Shave/Drive to school
  • 0550 – Sleep for 10 minutes on wrestling mats
  • 0600 – ROTC PT
  • 0730 – Random after PT meetings
  • 0750 – Drive across town to actual college
  • 0815 – Hope that I packed a towel so I could shower before class
  • 0825 – Hope I had money in my account so I could eat breakfast
  • 0830 – Eat and relax for a hot minute with some coffee (Pretty certain this is when I got addicted to the drink of the Gods)
  • 0900 – Classes at actual college
  • 1100 – Football workout
  • 1300 – Shower/hope I packed my uniform
  • 1310 – Drive back across town to ROTC college
  • 1320 – Park illegally to cut down time spent walking to class
  • 1330 – ROTC class(es)
  • 1600 – Study and do homework in ROTC lounge, or most likely fall asleep with books in hand and drool spilling out of my mouth
  • 1700 – Hope I packed something for dinner and drive back to actual college
  • 1800 – YAY NIGHT CLASS!!!
  • 2100 – Drive home
  • 2130 – Pound some more coffee and hope it gives me an extra 2 hours with my eyes open
  • 0000 – Passed the fuck out at my desk, drooling on my homework

Add in Thursday morning training at 0500 for ROTC, 0600 Spring Ball practices for football, Saturday squad tactics training from 0800-1400ish, countless meetings for group projects, attempting to keep my relationship normal and you can probably see why I was barely able to keep my GPA above the minimum required for my major and for the ROTC scholarship.

At that point in my life I was fine with just getting by. At no time was I ever worried about getting a 4.0 GPA because A) I frankly didn’t give a fuck and B) I realized the benefits (getting to say I had a 4.0) were grossly undervalued compared to the what I would need to sacrifice (even more time to study).

So, what the hell is the point of this? Do I want you to throw me a pity party and say, “Oh Mike, you were so busy, that must have sucked”. Not just no, but hell fucking no. I signed up for it and I knew what I was getting myself into. Plus, if I wanted to I could have given up football to free up some time. But I fucking love football. The times I actually got to get on the field and play got my mind off the daily bullshit that it was damn near orgasmic.

The reason I’m telling you all of this is because these two and half years made me what I am today. Not jut because I wouldn’t be where I am in the Army without them, but because it was here that I learned the importance of having free time, balancing work/life, and it all set the stage for the epiphany I had when I finally read “The Four-Hour Work Week”.