The Deep End of Time Management, Pt. 3

The Deep End of Time Management, Pt. 3

Fast forward only one year and you’ll find me in the last phase of my Officer’s training in Aberdeen, MD. I’m still around 12% body fat, but in my quest to score 315+ in the APFT my weight has dropped to a steady 190. I couldn’t tell you when or why I thought of it, but eventually I realized two more things that would change my body drastically in the coming months. First, why the fuck wasn’t I getting enough rest at night? I was cruising the Internet for way too long every night because I was bored out of my mind or flipping through channels because I was bored out of my mind. Secondly, I realized that eating more vegetables would drastically cut down my grocery bill and probably could do some good for my body.

So once again, I alter my diet and do my best to get to sleep at a reasonable hour every night. The thing I realized at this point was this…little changes will make a huge freaking difference. I call these little changes because they are incredible simple to implement. Yeah going from eating absolutely no vegetables and sitting around all night channel surfing to eating vegetables with every meal and turning the TV off at 8pm sharp is almost a complete 180, but think of how easy it is to make these changes. Hold yourself accountable for following two new rules (eat greens before anything else, TV off/unplugged/thrown out the window at 8pm) and you have a massive shift in priorities and you’re body and mind will react in turn. Next thing you know your waist band isn’t cutting into your muffin top and you’re learning about more things in this world because you replaced TV with reading.


And that brings us to the hear and now. Actually taking the time to reflect and think about all of the shit I used to do is educational in itself and, surprisingly, helped me prioritize what I have coming up in the next few years and how I’m going to get there.


Where do you want to be? More importantly, where are you now? Take a hard, honest look. Don’t bullshit yourself. If you do you’ll end up screwing yourself over in the end.