The Bucket List

“There is no reconciliation that will put me in my place, and there is no time like the present to drink these draining seconds.”Savior – Rise Against

I never watched “The Bucket List”, but it’s pretty easy to understand what it’s all about. Essentially, don’t sit around and let life pass you by. It’s too easy to lay in bed everyday and count the ceiling tiles, or sit at your desk all day and spend hours cursing TMZ for beaver shots and nip slips. But none of that is rewarding, at all. After reading almost everything Tim Ferris has written, it’s easy to agree 100% with the way he frames the importance of time and attention (If I could find the exact article I’d link to it, but I can’t remember which one I found it in for the life of me). What it all boils down to is this 1) Time is finite. You only get so much until you fall over dead at some point in the future. 2) Every choice you make comes down to how you want to spend your time. 3) If people treated their time like currency, more people would be happier with their lives.

For the sake of clarity, Tim also throws attention in there too. The example I vividly remember was him telling the story of going to a book store to exchange a book he got as a gift for something he didn’t already have. After searching and wandering for 30 minutes he realized it didn’t matter. Just because he had gotten something as a gift, it didn’t mean he had to take the time out of his life to go exchange it for something he didn’t already have. That’s 30 minutes out of his life he’ll never get back, no matter what he did. Not only did he lose those 30 minutes, but also the time it took to make the decision to go to the book store, actually getting there and the time it took to transition back into whatever he was doing before he left. Repeat this over and span of time, and the time wasted becomes astronomical in no time.

With out further ado, Mike’s Bucket List:

1 – Drive around the country and watch football.

I live vicariously through other football players. I tried playing in college but was…what’s the technical term…oh yeah, too shitty. So now, beginning in August every year, you’ll find my ass firmly planted in my couch or a bar stool every Thursday-Monday night watching whatever game is on. But every since my last year at Fisher where I coached (READ: held clipboard), I would much rather watch it live. Experience the atmosphere of the stadium and be able to see the entire play develop. So, the plan is to just randomly drive around the country to catch certain important games (Ohio State/Michigan, Oregon/Oregon St., any Fisher game I can make, any Buccaneers game I can make) and stop by any random game that happens to be close to where I am at the time.

2 – Hike the Appalachian Trail

Some friends and I camped/hiked a small portion of it this summer and it was a hell of a time. But hiking the entire 2,000 miles would be even better. Plus I’d get to grow a sweet beard along the way and anytime I can do something where I don’t need to shave is a plus for me.

Epic beard, #1 motivation to hike for months.

3 – Kayak the Erie Canal/Hudson River

Starting around Buffalo, taking the canal through Rochester, Syracuse and Albany until I can hit the Hudson down the NYC just sounds awesome. I read an article about some guy doing the Erie Canal portion in a canoe and stopping along the way to play acoustic sets at small clubs a while ago and it planted the seed in my mind.

4 – Punch Snooki

Straight shot. Right to the baby maker.

5 – Round the world trip

I have yet to leave the US (Canada doesn’t count) and I find that ridiculous. Especially after following Chris Gullible for a hot second and seeing his quest to visit every country in the world, I feel the need to get the hell out of the states and experience some culture. Nothing really to special about this one, just want to take 6-18 months and go.

Obviously there are more things I want to do, but I don’t really feel like listing 100 or so things on here. The lyric at the top is something to live by when it comes to wasting time and living life to the fullest. Every second that ticks by is gone forever, and if you spend it doing nothing worthwhile, well then don’t bitch when you’re on your death bed and realize you never did anything that you can say your proud of or want others to experience.