Stayin’ Classy: Tales from a Whales Vagina

Stayin’ Classy: Tales from a Whales Vagina

Ok I’ll be totally honest…

The only reason I’m writing this was so that I could reference Anchor Man and a whales vagina in the title of a blog post. Just in case you’re wondering it is #34 on my bucket list right after dressing up as the Green Power Ranger for Halloween and right before seeing an “lolcatz” moment happen in real time.

So, anywho.

I was out in San Diego for a few days to meet up with a bunch of people in a fitness and marketing get together. Needless to say I’m always incredibly humbled by these meetings because everyone there has so much going on and is making a shit-ton of difference in their clients lives.

Well even though it was primarily a business focused meeting, when you get a bunch of self-proclaimed meat heads together they will find a way to work out. My buddy Travis was able to find a gym around the corner that let us show up and get in some solid training. Check out the video he shot…

That was the first time I’ve ever set foot in a CrossFit gym and while I have my doubts about the CrossFit methodology this place was awesome. Mike, who I’m not sure if he was the owner or not, and everyone else we met at CrossFit East Village were nothing but welcoming and incredible. Little fun fact…they were having a going away party for one of their members as we were doing our workout, so that’s why you see random people walking back and forth with beer as we’re training.

Before any of that even happened there was that whole blackout thing. Which just so happened to occur right as my plane was taxing in ATL. No joke, the captain comes on the intercom and says “Well….uh…apparently there is a blackout in San Diego. But….uh….it’s probably nothing that won’t be fixed by the time we get there.  Uhhhhh….if not we’ll just go to LAX. Okthanksbye.”

Well it wasn’t fixed by then.

And we got diverted to LAX.

And then we got diverted to Ontario (California, not Canadia)

So thank jeebus for in-flight internet otherwise I wouldn’t have been able to get a rental car for under $500 to drive my happy ass down to San Diego.

The drive was actually pretty cool until I realized I was blowing through the intersections of downtown San Diego at 60mph.


Well the rest of the weekend went by pretty uneventfully which was pretty cool. Had some awesome steak with the guys after the workout. Then the next night went to an amazing burger joint with the other guys right before we hit up the rooftop party and the Hard Rock.

Travis Stoetzel, Joe Arangio, Me, Rob King and Craig Ballantyne after the first day.

Dinner at Neighborhood SD with Steve De la Torre, Jared DiCarmine, Kristian Manietta, Rob King, Brett Campbell and Joe Arangio.

In the end these types of events have been crucial to keep me focused on the things that will actually make a difference and produce some type of tangible results. This is something I suggest everyone to incorporate into their lives, especially when it comes to training. Maybe you don’t want to travel all over the place to meet with random people but every so often, like at the end of your 6 week training cycle,  take a step back and get some outside perspective on your approach and make sure you’re not focusing on the little things.


What’s your go to activity when you want to re-load and re-focus? Throw it in the comments below and see what everyone else has to say too.