Seeing the Sign

So all morning* I’ve been studying for my NY Life and Health Insurance exam. Why you ask? Well it certainly was not part of my pleasure reading list. In the excitement of getting offered a “real” job coupled with my blatant over-confidence that I could master any task, I got into business of selling financial services. Long story short, I’ve been trying to justify the incredible desire to walk away from this job.  Today, the angels descended at the holiest of sites during the most beautiful of beautiful acts…I was taking a crap. Here’s what I was in the middle of reading when, in the words of Ace of Base, I saw the sign.

7. Don’t do anything you don’t want to do.

A few months ago, I was doing some serious Major League bitching to Tim Patterson about having to attend some boring meeting where I’d have to make nice with people I’d prefer to shove through a meat grinder. Tim then said something that changed my life: “TC, we’ve worked hard and we’re at a point that we don’t have to do anything we don’t want to do.” And then the clouds parted and from the heavens sprung forth a beautiful light. Birds came out of the trees and placed a garland made of mountain flowers upon my brow. Female pixies arose from the heather and tickled my genitals with ferns until I giggled with glee.

It won’t always be possible to only do things that I want to do. Obviously, no male/female relationship can exist without making some sacrifices, but damn, trying to follow this piece of advice has made life a helluva’ lot more enjoyable.

8. Take big chances.

If Tim Patterson didn’t take chances, he’d still be the chief colorist at the Jackie Stallone School of Cosmetology in Miami Beach instead of CEO of Biotest and Executive Editor of Testosterone Magazine. Likewise, I’d still be working at General Dynamics working on cruise missiles and spending my lunchtime playing football with a football-shaped nuclear payload and wondering why, later, my pee was bright blue and glowed in the dark, instead of being chief flunkie to Tim Patterson, CEO of Biotest and Executive Editor of Testosterone Magazine.

See? With great risk comes great reward.

Actually, I’m a little better off than I let on, but it’s absolutely true that taking chances often leads to huge rewards, both financially, physically, personally, and in every way possible.

If you’re unhappy in any way in your life or chosen career and the prospects for natural change seem dim, you owe it to your goddam soul to change things. Figure out what it is you need to do, plan it out, and do it.

What’s the worst that could happen?

So here I go, off to pay my dues in an industry that actually interests me and won’t have to fake a passion for.

Excerpt is from “Atomic Dog: The Testosterone Principles” by TC Luoma. The full article can be read here.

*This was originally posted sometime in early 2009.