Paleo Pork and “Rice”

Paleo Pork and “Rice”

It’s Sunday (when I wrote this). That means the crock pot has been busted out and I’m cooking up some fan-freaking-tastic meals for the rest of the week.

Ever since I tried my hand at a pizza crust made out of cauiflower, which by the way I’m still perfecting, I have been pretty damn amazed at how easy it is to work a crap load of cauliflower into other meals.

This week it’s going to stand in for rice. And since Pandora has been playing Weezer over and over again I decided to make Paleo Rice and Beans (minus the beans, plus some pork).

To start, bust out your slow cooker and go gather up these ingredients:

  • 2 heads of cauiflower
  • 2lbs of pork loin
  • 1-2 cups of chicken broth
  • 6-8 cloves of garlic
  • salt
  • pepper
  • cumin
  • any other spices you deem necessary

Paleo Pork and RiceThis is what all of the ingredients look like. Cool huh?

The total prep time for me was around 30 minutes because I had to shred the damn cauliflower by hand. Really need to get a food processor to take care of things like this.

Paleo Pork and RiceChop it…

Paleo Pork and RiceThen shred it.

Next, dump the shredded cauliflower into your slow cooker and add the chicken broth. Start off with only one cup of broth to make sure it doesn’t turn soupy, but be ready with more just in case. I didn’t end up needing it because of the steam and moisture from the meat.

Now add the seasoning and half of the garlic cloves. You can mince them or leave them whole. This time I chose to leave them whole because I didn’t even think about mincing them until I started writing this blog post about six hours later.

Paleo Pork and Rice

Once all of that is in the slow cooker, take the pork loin and make incisions for the rest of the garlic. These cloves need to stay whole and should be put as close to the center of the loin as possible. Make incisions as deep as half way through the loin and spread out evenly. Toss that bad boy on top of the cauliflower, throw a bit more herbs and spices on top of it and put the cover on.

Paleo Pork and RiceMake some slices and then stuff them with whole cloves of garlic.

Paleo Pork and RiceIf you haven’t already opened up a beer, now would be a good time to do so…

Grab a beer, set a timer for eight hours and go enjoy your Sunday. When it gets done it should look like this and it will taste awesome,Ā guaranteed.

Paleo Pork and RiceVoila?