4 Step Deliciousness: Bacon Wrapped Sweet Potato Fries

4 Step Deliciousness: Bacon Wrapped Sweet Potato Fries

I love bacon. And potatoes.

But for whatever reason I notice that I hold a bit more water in the mid section when I eat white potatoes. This is bad, because let’s face it, everyone wants to admire their super sick abz when they get a chance.

So that’s why I switched to sweet potatoes. They don’t taste nearly as awesome to me, but they have a better effect on my body, so I deal with them.

This recipe is part of my “I need to make these taste much, much better” phase, and let me tell you it’s going pretty damn well.

First, gather your building blocks:

  • sweet potato(es)
  • bacon
  • oven ready skillet or baking pan

Step 1

Pre heat the oven to 425F-450F and start cutting up the sweet potato. Aim for fries about the size of your pinky (unless you have freakishly large pinkies, then aim for 1/4 inch at its thickest part). Peel it, halve it, slice it in 1/4 inch thick pieces, then turn those pieces on their side and cut them again to make the fries.

Paleo Bacon Sweet Potato

If they are too thick they end up tasting like carrots for what ever reason. That’s not the goal of this attempt at cooking.

Step 2

Next, unwrap the bacon and start slicing it. Slice it once lengthwise and then again width wise so each pice ends up in four separate pieces.

Paleo Bacon Sweet Potato

Step 3

Now wrap those suckers in bacon. The pieces of bacon that end up mostly fat will be difficult. If it just won’t stay wrapped around the sweet potato, lay it on top and you’ll get a similar effect.

Paleo Bacon Sweet Potato

Put them on your baking apparatus of choice, then slide them into the oven. Set a timer for 12-15 minutes and then check to make sure the sweet potatoes are tender. If you want, you can poke the thickest one with a fork to make sure it’s cooked all the way through.

Step 4

When the sweet potatoes finish cooking turn the oven to broil. This is going to make the bacon and outside of the fries crispy, which if you ask me is the best damn part. Let them broil for as long as you feel like it. Just don’t walk away because they will go from normal to burnt in .4 seconds.

Paleo Bacon Sweet Potato

Done and done.

Go crack open a beer and snack on these bad boys throughout the game or just because you feel like it. You can even crack a eggs in the left over bacon grease and stick it back under the broiler to get some fantastic, bacony fried eggs.

Go forth and cook you Bros.




  1. Ryan C. Moon says:

    You just made the side dish to my stir fry this evening. Unlike you, I like sweet potatoes (quite a bit) compared to “white” potatoes, so I normally mandolin them into “chip” sizes and oven at 450 w/ olive oil for ~20 minutes. This seems like an even better affair. Double down on delicious and still pretty light on “bad carbs”.

    • mikeinscho says:

      For some reason sweet potatoes would taste like carrots when I cooked them. I stopped for awhile and just started back up again and haven’t had that problem again. Sweet potato fries with fresh pepper and sea salt are quite addictive.