Overrated: Being Comfortable

Overrated: Being Comfortable

As I write this I sit in my 86 degree living room.

It’s 4:47 AM.

Yesterday it got up over 100 degrees where I live and I wasn’t home to keep the AC running. Not just because it’s cheaper to not cool an empty apartment…but also because it doesn’t really matter.

So what if it’s a little bit uncomfortable. Earlier in the day I took an ice cold shower at work after my training session. Could I have stayed at the gym and taken a warm one there?

Absolutely. But A) why take a hot shower when it’s already hot out? And B) who cares? After 7 years in the military and damn near 15 years of playing sports and training I’ve realized something crucial that most “civilians” don’t realize. Being comfortable is overrated.

Wearing body armor and carrying 50+ pounds of gear and weapon is not comfortable. But in some situations in necessary.

Putting a bar loaded with 2.5-3x your bodyweight on your back and squatting is not comfortable. But it does wonders in building a nice ass (and does fairly well building the rest of the body too).

Pouring asphalt in 105+ degree weather with no shade in sight is not comfortable. But those guys doing it on I-90 yesterday do it because it puts food on the table for their families.

You get the idea. Everyone today is looking to make their lives much more comfortable.

I say fuck that.

How can you know what kind of person you are if you’ve never put yourself in an uncomfortable position? More importantly, how can you relate to others who are uncomfortable if you’ve never put your self in a situation to be uncomfortable?

Being uncomfortable and dealing with uncertainty are keys to creating mental toughness. It’s too easy for someone to break down and quit when they break a sweat because it’s “icky and gross”. It’s too easy for someone to say “fuck that I’m not going outside, it’s supposed to break 90 degrees today!”

And it’s way too easy for someone to say “I’ll just grab some hamburger helper” because they don’t want to deal with the uncertainty of figuring out what is a healthy meal.*

*Best part about this is that it’s literally too easy to figure out what is healthy.

Maybe this is part of the “pussification” of America that we’re seeing today or maybe it’s the cause of it. Either way it needs to end soon. And what better way for it to end than to have a few motivated individuals lead the way and set an example. Step out of your comfort zone for awhile and try something completely uncomfortable.

Go outside on a hot day and run some sprints in the sun (make sure you hydrate before/during/after, uncomfortable is one thing – stupid is another). Or do something as easy as public speaking. It doesn’t just have to be an end to being physical comfortable. Emotionally and psychological speaking, standing up in front of strangers and just talking is the most uncomfortable thing you can do. If you really have big balls, go to open mic and a comedy club.

So I say stop being comfortable. Like designer drugs and dead-end jobs it’s over rated. Get out of the AC and into the heat. Get out of the hot showers and take an ice cold one every once and awhile. Get out of your chair in the back and step on stage for a bit. I guarantee you’ll know more about yourself afterwards than you ever imagined.