Online Strength & Conditioning Coaching

Alpha Male FTS is excited to offer an radical approach to training.

For much less than you would pay some kid with a faux-hawk to count bicep curls in your local gym you can become an online coaching client. This includes monthly training plans that are catered to your goals, nutritional guidance based on your current situation, and constant access via email/text/phone/carrier pigeon to answer any and all questions you might have.

The methods I use to get my clients the results they want are incredibly simple, but by no means are they easy. You’re guaranteed to work your ass off (or on, depending on your goals)…

Each workout is unique to you. Nothing is cut and pasted from some “fitness” magazine. Drawing from experiences in training members of the military, collegiate athletes, members of the national hockey team, and everyday beasts there is always a method to get you the body that you want.

Each meal is chosen by you from a library of meals, snacks, and foods that are not only tasty as f*ck, but will also work with all the work you’re doing in the gym and on the track. This isn’t some sample meal plan that I’ll just email to you and say “good luck”, this is an education that will ensure that even after you’ve moved on from this coaching program you will have to tools needs to succeed.

In case it’s not painfully obvious yet…this is top tier coaching that leaves nothing to chance. Every aspect of getting stronger, leaner, and more bad ass is included.

After figuring out exactly where you stand and what you’re ultimate goals are, I will put you on the shortest path from “Point Meh” to “Point Freakin’ Awesome”. The best part is that you will still have a social life (if you actual had one before) and you won’t be spending hours in the gym before and after work.

The catch is that I am very, VERY selective about who I allow into the coaching program. With the amount of detail and dedication that is put into each individuals training program only like minded trainees will be accepted.

For those who are interested, fill out the application here and I’ll get back to you within 48 hours.