On Motivation

On Motivation

“Motivated, motivated, down right motivated! OO-AH I want kill somebody! OO-AH I want to kill EVERYBODY!” -Motto from Basic Training

We train for some reason or another. Some train because they are forced to do it (think military PT), some train because it damn near makes them cum in their pants (think Arnold in “Pumping Iron“) and others train because they know it will get them closer to their goals. That one is the catch-all. Everyone falls into that group. Some peoples goal is to max out their physical fitness test (PFT) while for some it is fitting into size 0 jeans by their birthday. Either way, if you train you have goals. You also have motivators for reaching those goals. Hopefully you can pinpoint exactly what motivates you. Here is what motivates me…

Looking Good “Nekkid*”

Tell me you don’t want to look good “nekkid*”…go ahead. I don’t fucking believe you. Everyone last person on this earth wants to look good and nobody wants to have to reach under there get to feel around for their dick when taking a leak. That’s just not how we were built or how we think. If you really want to get deep with this you can go study human reproduction and learn all about indicators of health and fertility. Or you can just take a second and think about the things that every single man on the planet will get wowzers in his trousers thinking about. Big breasts, tight waist, full lips, full ass and a tight body. Am I right or am I right? Find me someone who doesn’t think Jessica Biel is drop dead gorgeous and I’ll give you a million bucks.

*Just so we’re all clear…naked is when you aren’t wearing any clothes. Nekkid is when you’re not wearing any clothes AND the possibility of getting freaky is very high.


Vengeance is a sweet, sweet motivator. It’s a shame that I didn’t actually realize this until about a year ago. Think about every person who ever called you small, every person who ever called you “that chubby” kid or every girl who gave you some bullshit reason why she didn’t want to be with you anymore. Pretty pissed off now huh? Good, use it. The only time I’ve ever cleaned over 310lbs came literally hours after getting dumped by my girlfriend of five years. My last summer training for football I put on 12lbs of muscle and smoked every weight room and running test during pre-season camp. Want to know what I was thinking about every training session that summer? Making the NFL and seeing that piece of shit of a biological father coming out of the woodwork and calling me his son. Vengeance is underrated my friend. Use that anger and hate for everyone and everything that has ever wronged you in the past and you WILL make massive gains. I guarantee that.


I’m short. Not like short-short. But short enough. And all of my friends make sure that I never forget that I’m short, even the one who only has an inch on me. Being bigger and stronger makes me infinitely more confident. There is nothing to be proud about if your body shape can be compared to a bowling ball. And rarely will you find one of the bowling ball types chatting up a Perfect 10 model. This one is so basic is ridiculous. Chicks dig guys in shape, goes back to looking good nekkid. Seriously, the first time you’re at a bar and some random girl lifts up your shirt ‘because you look like the kind of guy who has abs” your confidence will be sky high. Don’t discount this mentality as a motivator.

Just Plain Fun

Call me weird, but I just like to lift heavy shit and run as fast as I possible can. For me pulling over 500lbs off of the floor is the second best thing in the world. Getting a blow job on a jet-ski a la Kenny Powers is the best, in case you were wondering. This motivator is the one that carries the most weight. Let’s face it, if you’re any sort of real man you do what you want when you want to do. You do things either because you enjoy it, or because you enjoy the 2nd or 3rd order affect that comes from doing it. In this case I absolutely love training and I absolutely love the 2nd/3rd order affects I get from training.

What motivates you? Be honest with yourself and embrace whatever it is. Once you realize what drives you, harness that excitement/anger/energy and apply it to your training.