Mission Statement

Mission Statement

Quick hitter today for a few reasons…

1) It’s Memorial Day
2) This damn Tropical Storm Beryl is ruining precious seconds of this Memorial Day, so I’m taking advantage of the break from 60-70mph winds and rain to go run/hang out on the beach.
3) You heard enough of me last week as I launched the Average Joe to Alpha Male Training Program.

For those who bought the training guide…you all fucking rock! Seriously, every last one of you is awesome and you all deserve the most awesome of awesome high fives.

For those of you who haven’t bought it yet…you can pick it up here. Too bad you missed out on the $10 and $20 discounts. But know this…I’m always adding to it and the additions will always be free to those who have already bought the training guide. And, with each addition the price will go up. So, if you buy now you’re guaranteed to pay the lowest price that you’ll ever see it AND it ensures that you won’t miss out on any of the additions.

Between the launch and reading The $100 Startup by Chris Guillibeau, I’ve had the opportunity to think about a few things. I’ll save the business stuff for another time (unless you’re interested, then email me).

The one thing I knew I need to revisit and put out there was the mission statement for Alpha Male FTS. After finishing the update to the Average Joe to Alpha Male training guide I spent a lot of time thinking about what I want to tackle next and how I can help you the most.

Here is the mission statement for Alpha Male FTS…

At Alpha Male FTS we help average people gain strength, power, character, and confidence through physical training and mental challenges.

I’ve never wanted to just do physical training. And focusing solely on the mental aspect seems too vague to me. The position that I’m in today came about because I had the mentors and leaders who challenged me physically on the field, track, and in the weight room. But they also helped me build character, confidence, and a mental toughness that I would never have had been able to build without the physical aspect.

That’s how I plan to make the boys of today into real Men. Not a shell of a man with no character and too much confidence. Not a boy who thinks he is a man because he can be loud and posture his way to the front of a group of morally and physically weak kids.

Alpha Male FTS is in the business of building Men. Since the rest of society as forgotten how crucial it is to have strong, confident Men who know the difference between right and wrong, we will remind them.

Happy Memorial Day Men, have some fun and make yourself better than you were yesterday.