Man the Fuck Up

That’s my motto.

Classy, I know. So far though it has treated me very, very well where my previous motto (Everybody wang-chung tonight) has failed me. Granted, it’s only been “official” for a few days, but the future looks very promising. It came about after a few bouts of serious self-reflection and one specific event last week.  I walked out on a workout because my headphones weren’t staying in my ear. I justified it with a myriad of answers ranging from “I won’t be able to get into the workout” to “I’ll get distracted hearing myself instead of the music”.

So I walked out and thought nothing of it. That night when I met up a few buddies for a beer, one of them was asking me about how I’ve been training and eating lately. Nothing out of the ordinary, we usually sit around and bullshit about our gyms and how we’ve been training lately, the usual meathead stuff. So I go on to explain the program I’ve been using. Then he asks me what I did that day; I tell him I managed 1 set of incline bench press before I called it quits. He then says, “So you didn’t even lift today?” Innocent enough, but what I heard was “Wow, you really let headphones stop you from lifting? Fucking pussy.”

So then it was born. The original version went something along the lines of “Man the fuck up, don’t let yourself stop yourself, little shit doesn’t matter, the most important thing is being able to answer to yourself, hold yourself to a higher standard, be disciplined”, but I think just “Man the fuck up” rolls of the tongue a tad bit easier. Be Alpha, be the man, BE the best there is and stop whining about your best. Sitting back and not talking to the Perfect 10 model isn’t going to get you in her panties. Go ahead and daydream about those pretty pink panties, just know that you’ll never get to slingshot them across your room unless you make a move.

Moral of the story…stop wishing/waiting/hoping and start doing. More often than not a failure is not going to set you back. And even when there is an actual negative impact, it won’t nearly as bad as you thought it was going to be or as bad as it could be. Be your own worst critic and don’t let yourself get away with not “manning up”.




  1. Excellent post. Lately Ive been using the phrase with myself and others when the bitching starts. By the way, this is a great site. I enjoy your writing and hope to see more posts soon.

    • mikeinscho says:

      Thanks Matt, I do my damndest to post 2-3 times a week, but sometimes life and the “real” job get in the way.