Lessons Learned From a Weekend of Binge Drinking

I’m not the smartest guy on the planet. Chances are you’re not either (if you are, please let me know, I have a few questions for you). But one thing I can take pride in is finding lessons in the most random and seemingly insignificant experiences. A few weeks ago some friends and I met up in Raleigh, NC for a weekend. Were bad decisions made? Abso-freakin-lutely. Would most people classify it as just a random weekend where four assholes got together to drink copious amounts of alcohol and be completely inappropriate? Again, absolutely. Regardless, here are some lessons I took away from that incredible weekend…

1 – Classics are classics for a reason…they work

Or they are pure quality. No matter what it is, if it’s been around for awhile and is still consistently used, it’s because there is something about it that keeps is relevant and won’t let it be forgotten. I love Southpaw Light. We drank it the last few times we visited Myrtle Beach (it may or may not have been part of the reason I woke up behind bars that one time…but I digress). It’s delicious, it’s random and it has two kangaroos boxing on the label. Who can’t love that?!? Well to me it’s a classic, and as soon as I saw it I bought it.

So what the hell does this have to do with training? More than you’d think. Look at sprinting, deadlift, squat, bench press, military press, pull-ups, push-ups. What do they all have in common? For starters, if you only did these exercises you would still get “swole bro”. But you should also realize that they are…wait for it…classics! These have been staples of strong and fit men for as long as strength training has been around. The best part about this is that the most popular lift on that list, the bench press, is the most “modern” of the exercises. Back in the day it was all floor pressing, which in my opinion is 100x better than regular benching.

2 – Some people are blessed with the gift of common sense

Others are are not, which often turns into some great entertainment for everyone around them. Well, buying some “Raleigh Blue Juice” out of a cooler in some dudes van at 3am in downtown Raleigh is seriously lacking in the common sense department. In my defense, I was not the one buying, I did place an order though. Still not very smart.

The Infamous Raleigh Blue Juice

When it comes to training common sense will more often than not give you better results than most programs. Want to get stronger? Lift heavier weights. The heavier the weight, the less reps you’ll be able to do with it. Want to get faster in the 100m sprint? Run 100m as fast as you can as often as you can. Want to get faster in the 2 mile? Run 2 miles as fast as you can as often as you can. Feeling burned out because you’ve been running 2 miles 8 times a day? Taking a freaking break dude.

Don’t over think your training. You’re not an olympian and you’re not a pro athlete. Common sense will get you farther than realize.

3 – “All you need is a liver and a dream!” -Carolina Brewing Company

You need a goal. An end point. An objective. A finish line. Call it whatever you want, but you need to know exactly what it is that you want. Being vague will do nothing for you except make you sound like a tool and set you up for failure.  Be honest with yourself, backwards plan to get to your goal then take action. It’s that simple. Ready, set, go do it now.

Boom, there you go. Three simple but huge lessons that were reinforced while gallivanting around Raleigh for a weekend. Take a second and look back on the last few days, what lessons can you pull from them?