Lessons From the Twin Tailed Mermaid

Lessons From the Twin Tailed Mermaid

Quite a few people wander about their day blindly, just hoping to get through it one piece and in enough time to watch some shitty TV show at night. One of things I pride myself on is being present in the moment that I’m in and looking for life lessons, usually from the most random and nonsensical thing.

The “Hey You! You’re Going to Burn Yourself” sleeve that Starbucks puts on their coffee is one of those random things. Since right around Christmas I’ve been driving all up and down the East Coast. Going home to the Finger Lakes, NYE in NYC, back to Central Jersey to move out of my house, stopping over in Raleigh to drop of some of my stuff at my cousins house and three separate week long stints in Jacksonville, FL because it’s awesome down there and I got a gorgeous lady who likes to spoil me there.

In barely two months I’ve put close to  8,000 miles on my crappy little Mazda. Maybe it was the long stretches of solitude of the multiple side trips through Starbucks drive-thrus, but something triggered this lesson and maybe be see how one of the biggest companies in the world stays successful by paying attention to detail.

Check out the video below…