Leprechaun Workouts

Happy St Patricks day dummies!

In celebration of this great and very “authentic” holiday I created a simple and fun way to get your days worth of training in while out getting hammered-drunk.

5 reps for every…
-Kiss me Im Irish shirt, button or tattoo.
-Time someone mentions their trip to Ireland that they’re planning.
-Green beer you drink

10 reps for every…
-Guinness you drink
-Time you hear someone talk about their Irish heritage.

25 reps for every…
-Shot of Jameson taken.
-Shot of Jameson turned down.
-Fake irish accent you hear

50 reps for every…
-Ginger you talk to.
-Irish car bomb you take.
-New person you meet whose last name starts with O’.

75 reps (and a picture sent to me) for every…
-Irish car bomb taken with Jon Jameson while wearing a “kiss me I’m Irish” T-shirt.

Quick. Easy. Effective.

Drink up half pint!