How to Use Chopsticks

By far, the biggest people have when it comes to getting lean is having the discipline to get their portions under control. We’ve all been told that we need to clear everything on our plates because of the “starving kids in Africa”. Regardless of the ridiculousness of that concept (are you going to over night my left over hamburgers to the Sudan? Didn’t think so…) we’ve all adapted to it.

In order to eat all of the food stacked on our plates, we’ve defaulted to shoveling it into our gullets as fast as we can.

Well, when you use chopsticks you are physically unable to eat as fast as you can with a spoon or a fork. And that’s not just because you don’t know how to use them (yet). It’s because you physically can’t fit that much food on them at one time.

These smaller bites equate into a longer time spent eating each meal. This longer meal time then allows your body to realize that your stomach is full, and then stop you before you over fill yourself.

Even if you’re not trying to lean out, being able to use chopsticks are useful in all kinds of situations such as:

1 – Being stuck in a hotel and not wanting to buy a 100 pack of plastic forks
2 – ???
3 – Trying to impress that chick with two large “personalities”

Check out the video above and then go practice, practice practice.

** Don’t mind my, as of now, horrible camera skills. Eventually I’ll get comfortable filming myself. ***