How to Stay Jacked When Traveling

How to Stay Jacked When Traveling

I love traveling.

Like, seriously love it so much I want to take it behind a middle school and get it pregnant.

In fact right now I’m on my way to Raleigh, NC via Detroit to get started on a road trip of semi-epic proportions. The thing is I love to travel light. Carrying everything on my back most likely carried over from my time a lowly Private/Specialist in the Army.

Either way I still feel it’s the best way to go. I mean, it’s super easy to breeze through security at the airport and if for some reason you  need to schlep all of your gear around town for some reason you’ll still ACTUALLY be able to.

I call that win-win.


The one thing that takes away from the awesomeness of traveling light is sacrificing any training equipment to the travel gods.

Ideally I’d bring my TRX, jump rope, a band or 2 and my fat grips. Basically everything listed in my travel kit.

But since this is a road trip across 3 states and 4 cities, they have to be left behind for the sake of clean under-roos.

Bummer, I know.


There is one thing that is always with me and is hella good a being part of a good workout. What is it you ask?

My fat ass.

Well, not just my ass. My whole body. Bodyweight training is a beast of a training approach and can be literally done everywhere.

On the beach? Check.

In the hotel room? Check.

Middle of Bourbon St.? Check.

All it takes is a little bit of thinking and absolutely no excuse making. Yeah you’re not going to turn into Ronnie Coleman after a few circuits of hand-clap pushups, squat thrusts and hand walkouts. But you’re going to maintain what you have and…here is the most important part, especially when traveling for vacation…you will maintain your body fat percentage and maybe even shed a few pounds.

So instead of getting fatter and softer as the vacation goes on you become leaner and more solid.

Did I already use “win-win” as a catch phrase in the this?

Since I can’t do anything about the “not making excuses” part I’ll have to leave that up to you. But what I can do is throw a few resources your way…

First, my workout. Here’s what I have on deck for this 10-day road trip. There is no rest between exercises and as little rest as possible between circuits. Each exercise is done for 10 reps and the circuit completed 6 times. For unilateral movements do the 1st/3rd/5th circuit with your right leg and the 2nd/4/th/6th with your left. This will be done every other day and the emphasis will be on beating my previous time. Now for the movements…

a) Jump squat

b) Hand walkouts

c) Single leg deadlift with twist

d) Clap push-ups

e) 4-count jumping jacks

f) Reverse lunge

g) Pike push-up

h) 4-count mountain climbers

If you want and/or demand more….well you’re in luck pal. Craig Ballantyne’s Deluxe Bodyweight Workouts is a stellar resource. And if you will have access to kettlebells/ sandbags where you’re going a) you’re a lucky son-of-a-bitch and b) Travis Stoetzels Bags, Bells and Bodyweight will kick your ass and rip you up. I highly suggest checking them both out.


PS – What’s your favorite bodyweight circuit to do?  Leave you’re bodyweight workout of choice in the comments.