Healthy Hotel “Cooking”

Healthy Hotel “Cooking”

Staying in hotels, more than often, can be a pretty crappy experience.

Unless you’re rolling deep in rewards points, or cash, the common parts of hotel living include hard sheets, thin walls, and lackluster food options. For a guy who actually enjoys cooking (hence the Fat Boy Friday series) it’s a serious pain in the ass to feel like you need to eat at restaurants all the time. Having just a microwave and coffee maker is far from the ideal kitchen.

Granted, the “recipe” I’m about to share with you also requires a grocery store nearby. Most places will have something within walking distance, or at the very least, a cab service that you can use to pick up enough basics to cover you’re stay. Nuts, seeds, bagged veggies (if the room has a refrigerator), beef jerky, and a jar of almond/peanut butter are the things I ALWAYS get when I need to have food in a hotel.

Easy Hotel Dinner

I need to confess up front…right now I don’t have the pictures for this post. Horrible, I know.

But if you check back tonight they will be up, promise!

Ok, so for the easiest and healthiest hotel dinner you only need three things.

  1. Rotiserie chicken
  2. Steam in bag Broccoli
  3. Lemon (optional)

The only equipment you need is a nice to cut the lemon, and that is optional anyways, so you really can get away without any utensils.

To prep the chicken all you need to do is take the top off and let it cool for a little while. Those things sit in the heaters/oven all day so the middle can still be pretty hot even after a long ride back to the hotel.

To prep the broccoli, rip open the top seam just a tad. Make sure it’s not too big, otherwise the steam will escape and not cook it. Put it in the microwave for however long the instructions say or until it’s at the doneness that you want. When it’s done, take it out of the microwave, peel apart the rest of the top seam, squeeze the lemon into the bag, and then shake it up. If you don’t have/want the lemon just open the bag and let it cool off.

That’s it. Really.

A super easy and incredible healthy dinner that you can make anywhere and will usually cost less than $10.



Healthy Hotel "Cooking"Less than $10 

Healthy Hotel "Cooking"Pop a hole into the bag…

Healthy Hotel "Cooking"Squeeze the lemon into the bag and then consume.

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