“Makin a mess as I progress. No time to cry about it, do better.” -Write On, Gym Class Heroes

Failure is not flattering.

I’ve said it on here before and I guarantee I’ll end up saying it over and over again as time goes on. This single phrase means so much to me that I got it tattooed on my chest.

Nothing like seeing that overtime you look in the mirror to get you motivated to take on the day.

Here is the thing though…failure is everywhere around us. It’s going to happen. Every person that you interact with on a daily basis is a failure in one way or another. Anything worth doing is not going to be a guaranteed success and the best things in life come with the greatest risk of failing miserably. Go find the people you admire the most, the ones who have succeeded the most and have the type of life you want to live and ask them how many times they have failed. You’ll be surprised. Very surprised.

But the second you realize that A) failure doesn’t last forever and B) the best lessons come from failing miserably, you’ll also realize that failure could very well be the key to success.

You missed a 50″ box jump because you’ve never done one that high before and you were afraid of missing and ripping up your shins.

You don’t even attempt a max bench or squat because you don’t want to be embarrassed if the rest of the gym sees you miss it.

You meet this random girl at the book store and are about to get her number but then casually mention that you’re King of your LARP group.

Congratulations. You’ve just failed. But it’s all good though. Remember, it’s not forever and you’ll learn valuable lessons from each experience. Now the next time you attempt that 50″ box jump you’ll get over the fact that you might bleed and just get your ass on top of that box. Or you’ll grab a spotter for your max lift, but make damn sure the you don’t get to the point where he needs to help you. And lastly, you’ll give up your throne as King of the Geeks so that you’re not tempted to mention that ever again.

Get over yourself. You’re not going to go through life pissing perfection. You’ve already failed numerous times, I guarantee it, so stop trying to tell yourself you can be perfect the rest of your life.

Look at each failure as a lesson. Learn from that lesson and internalize it. Next thing you know the failures that used to plaque your life will be gone and every time you “fail” after that it’ll just be another life lesson.