Escalating Density Training: An Introduction

Escalating Density Training: An Introduction

Alright, today we have a quick and dirty introduction to Escalating Density Training. In case you haven’t figured it out Escalating Density Training is an approach to training. Even more than just that, it’s literally the only one that is set up the way it is which makes it incredibly unique but extremely effective.

I’ve messed around with a few bastardized versions of Escalating Density Training before and seen incredible results in fat loss and overall motivation to train. Being able to walk into a training session knowing exactly what weight you’re going to use, exactly how long it will take or exactly how many reps you need to do to be considered done allows you to focus on the task at hand and not worry about any of the extra bullshit that tags along in life.

Who Created Escalating Density Training


Escalating Density Training

This guy created Escalating Density Training

Charles Staley. At least according to every google search I’ve done the entire book called “Muscle Logic: Escalating Density Training” which was written by a Charles Staley.

Hopefully that’s not just a coincidence.

Anywho…Staley is pretty much a genius when it comes to creating easy, effective and simple to implement training programs. He has also competed regularly, at least as far as my second set of google searches alludes to, in Masters Discus events.

As a coach he has worked with martial artists and Olympic Weightlifters. Coaching these two types of athletes tells you two things about him…

  1. He knows how to create athletes who are strong and incredibly well conditioned.
  2. He knows how to create athletes who possess almost inhuman levels of strength compared to their bodyweight.

These are the top two physical characteristics of an Alpha Male. Not hyooge fucking biceps or a set of abs that look good oiled up. The ability to move you’re body in every element of space and being able to do it for a long time while being resisted (either by weights or an opponent) is something that 98% of your average gym rats are missing out on.

The Basis of Escalating Density Training

First a quick glance at the dictionary…

escalating – to increase rapidly

density – the degree of compactness of a substance

training – the action of undertaking a course of exercise and diet in preparation for a sporting event

In this case we are focusing on exercise instead of diet and life instead of a sporting event. For the Alpha Male living your life the way you see fit is your sporting event.

So by taking a look at the definitions we can figure out that when we follow a training plan using the principles of Escalating Density Training we are going to increase the degree of compactness of our training sessions.

We will do more in less time. Packing more work into the same time frame with each consecutive workout to create a training stimulus. Similar to packing more things into the same duffel bag when you travel, or more cuteness into a blog post.

Not Escalating Density Training

Not Escalating Density Training

Just like you would increase the weight you do on a certain exercise each week (this is called progressive overload) to create a stress that your body will adapt to, you can also create the stress by doing the same weight more times. Of course, at some point, you will have to increase the weight to create the desired training response. It’s just not the focus.

Check out the follow up to this post on Thursday to see the actual breakdown and how to implement Escalating Density Training into your training.