Easy Peasy Pot Roast

Easy Peasy Pot Roast

Growing up in my Grandma’s house, Saturday was always Pot Roast day. After cooking meals all week, Saturday was her day to take it easy and then Sunday was “feed your own damn self” day. Anywho, the smell of the pot roast cooking in the crock pot was always something I loved and looked forward too.

So thinking about what to make last week, I decided to go back to those times and throw a huge hunk of beef into the crock pot.

I’ve said this plenty of times by now…if you don’t have a crock pot you need to get one. They only cost like $30-$40 and can handle any type of meal. Best part…. just turn it on to “low” and check on it every few hours. About 8-12 hours later, voila, food.

And it’s tasty food.

The pot roast itself was about 3 pounds. In addition to that I tossed in a large onion that I diced, some chicken stock (to keep it moist), and a shit ton of random spices. It turned out a bit spicier than I had expected, but holy crap was it tasty. Toss a few spoonfuls of the meat on a bed of rice* or potatoes and you have a hearty meal that’ll put some meat on your bones.

Salt, black pepper, crushed chipotle pepper, smoked paprika, and some garlic is all you need.

Dump it all in to the crock pot and you’re good to go.

* – Yes, I said it, rice. I eat rice again. After almost two years of staying very low carb (except for cheat days) I’ve finally decided to add carbs (rice and potatoes) back into my daily meal plan. The “cheat day” method worked great for a while, and I learned just how easy it is to rid yourself of cravings by forcing yourself to overdo it. But it reached the point of diminishing returns.

I have to give Jason Ferruggia and his Renegade Diet the recognition for this. Using what he lays out in the program for the last 3 weeks has me slowly putting my weight back on and, incredibly, looking leaner than I have in while. I highly recommend checking it out.