Do Something Different

Do Something Different

The Routine

Every last one of us has certain routines and rituals that we do every single day.

Wake up, make coffee, take shower, morning masturbation, eat some eggs and then out the door and in the car listening to the same radio station of playlist on your iPod.

While there isn’t anything inherently wrong with this, sometimes it’s good to change up the routine. I did that today and it felt absolutely fantastic.

My routine for the last few months has been basically wake up, write or read for a few hours and then out the door to work. My workout wouldn’t come until about 1pm and it was always in the weight room or doing intervals on the track. I loved it. Pushing some heavy weight one day and then out on the track, in the sun, shirt off sweating my ass off for 400m repeats the next.

That’s my idea of heaven right there.

But today it was different. I’m starting a new job, in a new location under a new command. And this position requires me to do PT (Physical Training) with my new company (a company is an Army element of up to 160 people).

Luckily my company includes the Modern Army Combatives (the Army version of MMA) instructors and they put us through a training session that was 100% different than anything I’ve done lately. Well…except for the Hardcore 100 I did in San Diego a few weekends ago.

Going from a strength/speed based training program where rest periods were moderate to long, 90 seconds up to 3 minutes depending on the exercise, to a training session that was 50 minutes of constant movement with running, weights, body weight and agility all mixed in was a smoker.

But I fucking loved every second of it.

It’s too easy to get into a routine and stick with it because it’s easy. After a certain point it becomes a rut because you aren’t challenged anymore. Yeah it feels good to go into your training knowing that you will dominate every movement and exercise. You feel confident and strong but…

It does nothing for you mentally.

Your mental toughness, your resilience, your ability to overcome the bullshit that you encounter is not improving. A strong body means nothing if you don’t have a strong mind.

Take a step back and ask yourself if you’re challenging your resilience. The hardest part is being able to be honest and say “yes…I’m slacking off and I’m mentally weak”. After that it’s too easy to find a challenge, find something you suck at and take on the role of beginner.

Being at the top of the ladder means nothing if you aren’t always trying to climb higher.