Deuces 2010, Deuces

It’s that time of year again. Everywhere you look online you’re seeing tons “A Look Back on 2010” articles and even more “My 2011 New Years Resolutions”. Well I’m an un-original and uncreative bastard so here is part one, my look back on 2010.

You’re probably saying to yourself “Does this dude know it’s already 2011??” And the answer yes, yes I do know. I also don’t really care since most other aspects of my life are premature (self-deprecating humor…ZING!)

January 2010: Finally got orders to mobilize and go on Active Duty for something other than training. We were supposed to do a mission in Kuwait for 6 months (the whole reason I volunteered for mobilization in the first place) but that had been cancelled. Oh well, let’s see how living in my sweet new apartment in Syracuse will work out. End up spending 2 weeks in Ft. Drum sliding threw stop signs because my care sucks in the snow and in Ft. Drum it snows…alot. The last week I spent on the Mississippi Gulf Coast doing work for the unit. Things were looking up.

February 2010: Fly back from the Gulf Coast, pack my big bags, fly back to Central Mississippi for a month long mission. Spent the majority of the month forcing myself to not fall asleep behind the wheels of an HMMWV (humvee for you civilians) while observing convoy missions on the DeSoto National Forest. Lived off Qdoba, Chik-fil-a, Firehouse Subs and Ma-Pop BBQ Joints for the entire month and could see a 6-pack at the end. Learned then and there that eating less calories plays a huge part in getting ripped abz. Eventually realized that entire month I had spent Intermittent Fasting and had no clue. Highlight of this month was easily watching the locals proceed to freak-the-fuck-out over the forecast of an inch of snow. Missions were cancelled, grocery stores were picked clean and my unit (a bunch of soldiers from Syracuse NY [150+ inches of snow per year]) just sat there and laughed. Crazy Southerners.

Not a bad way to kick off my time on Active Duty

March 2010: Realized my sweet apartment was just an incredibly expensive storage unit. Threw away, sold and donated 80% of my possessions and moved into the lodging that the Army provided me.

April 2010: Read. Alot. And spent way too much time on facebook. It hurts looking back and thinking about everything I could have accomplished if I wasn’t such a lazy bastard for this month.

May 2010: Conference in Kansas City with some of the best authors on Counter-Insurgency (COIN) and leaders of units who practice it first hand. Incredibly humbled at the complexity and amount of patience and knowledge needed to run even a platoon level COIN operation. Desire to deploy only grew after that week. Also took advantage to visit my best friend from high school to see his son and re-play some of the shenanigans that made high school so entertaining. In the second half of the month my cousin and another friend from high school took a week to visit our friend in Jacksonville, FL. Spent the week playing bocce ball on the beach, drinking way too much, making asses out of ourselves at the beach bars and randomly yelling “SURPRISE!” or “IT’S A RENTAL!” whenever we had the opportunity. Maturity is overrated anyways.

June 2010: Mission in New Jersey for 2 months. My new office job afforded my the opportunity to play inordinate amounts of golf and take off early for weekends in NYC. Also had to go back to Mississippi for a course. 10 days wasted on something I learned in ROTC.

July 2010: Awesome 4th of July weekend in Philly. If you ever have the chance to watch Philly’s 4th of July Fireworks make sure you have a good view of the Philadelphia Museum of Art. The date and I learned that the hard way. More weekends in NYC and switched out golf for some basketball.

August 2010: The 2 month mission gets extended indefinitely and I volunteer for another year on Active Duty. Get the yearly itch to compete again after realizing that football season is right around the corner. So I sign up for an open track meet near the city. At the time I hadn’t run a competitive 400m since 2004. Ran a 56.7s which is the exact same time as my last one from 2004. Good sign, next goal is to get back down to my PR which is 53.2s.

September 2010: First half of the month is spent on the border Arizona and Mexico for another course. Climbed a “baby mountain”, got dumped and listened to a classmate re-count waking up butt-naked on the side of the main highway with an equally butt-naked women next to him with no idea how they got there. We were eventually able to figure out that a shady bar and some horse tranquilizers were the main causes. During that trip I finally got the balls to pull the trigger on my side business. I signed up for a coaching course with Bedros Keullian and started busting my ass. If only the course opened up and/or I saw it back in April.

Taking pictures of myself during my Arizona hike

October 2010: Back in New Jersey working a different desk job and busting my ass putting what I was learning through Bedros to work. If that course was a Marketing 101 course, the seminar portion of the course in Vegas was a 400 level course. Even though it was only one day I got to experience the motivation and determination of some of the best fitness and marketing professionals out there. When I was offered the chance to join a longer, more intensive Mastermind group I jumped at the chance. At that point it was “put up or shut up” so I took the dive.

November 2010: More time in New Jersey and more time working on making money outside of the Army.

December 2010: Spent the last two weeks traveling for work, the holidays and just for the hell of it. Aside from almost 4000 miles of driving it was the most fun I’ve had in a two week span in a very, very long time. Some highlights included a friend taking a nap on a couch in the bar for about an hour, hearing about a guy I just met getting arrested for pissing on the side of a bar and then getting put on 24-hour observation because he said he was “so embarrassed he wanted to die”, getting felt up by my old roommate when me and my other old roommate surprised him at the bar, drinking enough caffeine to kill an elephant on the drive to Jacksonville, taking an unplanned detour to Key West “just because”, partying on Duval St., “salsa dancing” until 4am with a South African beauty, New Years Eve in Miami, and then realizing New Years morning that Sasha Greys party was across the street from out hotel.

Duval St. in Key West. Go there.

Boom. My 2010 in a nutshell. Plenty of lessons learned and many fun times had. Check out the next article for what I have on deck for 2011.