Conditioning Workout: Quickie Style

Conditioning Workout: Quickie Style

Happy Saturday everyone! And if you know me then you know Saturday means conditioning workouts.

Quick hitter today since college football is on. Can’t wait to watch the Buckeyes welcome the Cornhuskers to the Big 10 in a similar fashion that Wisconsin did last week.

And just like every single Saturday during the Fall for the last 3 years I reminisce about strapping on some shoulder pads and knocking heads for a few hours. The completely exhausted feeling you get after a tough game may suck at the time, but boy do you remember it and wish you could feel it again after it’s over.

So this is where conditioning workouts get tied into this article….

Not only are they tough as nails, but they are quick, effective and do wonders for mental strength. You can race against the clock, race against someone else or try to beat your performance from the last time you did the same workout.

By picking the right movements you can work on pure strength, strength endurance, speed, quickness, explosiveness and tolerating pain all in the same workout.

AND you can do them anywhere. In the gym. On the field. In the middle of the road. Or even in the parking lot right before you start tailgating. Here is what I knocked out today…

6 Tire Flips

5 Pullups

20 Hits with the sledgehammer

10 Double Unders

Lather, rinse, repeat 4-5 times resting 30-60 seconds between rounds.

It wasn’t the most intense conditioning workout I’ve done but it’s certainly effective and a great way to start the weekend. Now it’s time to crack open a micro brew and watch football all freaking day.

Hope your Saturday is a awesome as mine!

If you don’t feel like thinking up conditioning workouts you can always just check out this program by Craig Ballantyne, it’s a beast…