Casual Friday: Edition 9

Casual Friday: Edition 9

First a little quote of incredible…

The foundation of any complete diet plan should be lean, animal-based protein foods and vegetables, not “zero carb pizza” or “low calorie cookies” or any other BS food that makes you feel like you’re doing something good for yourself.

Animals and plants provide us with the essential nutrients and micronutrients we need, in the right amounts and ratios that Mother Nature intended. They were the basis of the diets we evolved from. It makes sense that they should be the foundation of a modern diet geared towards optimizing health and improving body composition.

Fitness/Fat Loss

The quote above is from “The Fat Loss Hierarchy” by Nate Miyaki. If you’ve been making slow or non-existent progress losing fat then reading this article is must. Basically it’s a kick in the dick for everyone who thinks snacking on 100 calorie packs of oreos and eating Omega-3 enhanced dog turds will make them healthy and weigh less. News flash dude…100 calories of technology  enhanced food that supposedly is more healthy is much worse for than 200 1000 calories of something natural, complete and not spun through a process to make it more marketable.

Sleep. I fucking love it. I even wrote a piece the other day on how to sleep better because most people absolutely suck at it. Well apparently Kyle Newell felt the same way because he wrote a nice article for EliteFTS on why sleep is essential

Other Random Stuff

What’s better…a massage for 3 minutes or 2 massages of 80 seconds separated by 20 seconds? Most would say the 3 minute massage because the two 80 second massages only adds up to 2 minutes 40 seconds. More is better right? Not so fast my friend. PsyBlog posted a nice article called Why Many Small Pleasures Beat Fewer Larger Ones about why the second option was better. Basically the break kept subjects from getting acclimated to the massage. The same concept is best applied to food. Ever realize that whatever you’re eating tastes the best during the first bite and then it gradual fades away? That’s because you get used to the flavor. Therefore you’ll get more enjoyment out of the pan of brownies if you break it up into small pieces eaten t at different times instead of eating the whole fucker at once.

Lifehacker posted an incredible article about how to approach getting better at pretty much anything. Here’s a sample…

You’re familiar with this story of personal growth. It feels good to do something well. You pat yourself on the back on a job well done, and in the best case, you also get a little better at what you’re doing. It’s rewarding, so you’re motivated to do it again, so you rinse and repeat. You know this pretty well. It’s how you got good at your job and various hobbies.

The other story is easier to ignore: You try something new and the result is awful. Your ego takes a hit because you’re not always excellent, and you convince yourself that you don’t take pleasure in that thing anyway. You’re not good at that thing, it’s not what you’re really interested in anyway, so why bother?

Basically some people are naturally good at some things. Since it feels good to be good at something they keep doing it and get better. On the other hand some people are naturally horrible at some things. Failing sucks so they stop doing it and never give themselves the chance to get better. Makes sense doesn’t it? Who knew that hard work was required to get better at some things?

Song of the Week

I need some partyrock in my life and so do you.

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