Casual Friday: Edition 8

Casual Friday: Edition 8

Fitness/Fat Loss

So with fasting becoming more and more mainstream everyday it’s not wonder that people are actually asking what happens within your body when you fast for an extended period of time. I know this because I was asked why I fast and couldn’t spit out a coherent answer other than “it works”. No too convincing. 

After a little bit of looking I was able to find a 6 part series by Scott Kustes titled…wait for it….What Happens to Your Body When you Fast. That’s SEO at it’s finest right there folks.

Then after that Dr John Berardi released a free ebook that chronicles his 6 month experiments with fasting. You can check out his book here.


Other Random Stuff

Yeah this one can easily go into the Fitness/Fat Loss category but I think it fits just fine right here. Bryan Chung over at Evidence Based Fitness wrote a great piece  asking why we don’t classify over eating as an eating disorder like we do under eating, or even the obsession with eating super clean (orthorexia).

The Big Picture by is just a fantastic place to check out recent news in picture form. Always tastefully done and always in a large format I always end up using these for backgrounds and other random needs. The set I linked is on this years Oktoberfest and let me tell you I’m already planning my trip there next year all because of these pictures.


Song of the Week

These Worries – Kid Cudi