Casual Friday: Edition 7

Casual Friday: Edition 7

Quote of the Week:

“Be harder to kill” – Jamin Thompson

Fitness/Fat Loss:

Brad Pilon did a little quiz about people perception of metabolism the other day. While I didn’t catch the original post with the quiz, I did catch the follow up that included Brad’s take on the whole thing. The best line, and a great take away message was…

Which is why the answer to our weight loss issues becomes “eat less”, and “eat the amount that allows you to lose weight”… not the amount the online calculator says you should eat, not the amount your friend ate to lose weight, not the amount that ‘sounds right’.


If you have done anything to get better as an athlete or a coach in the last few years I guarentee you’ve heard of Joe DeFranco and the absolute beasts he creates in his gym. Well he just released another product with James Smith called “POWER” and in this post he gave 3 extra exercises to help make you or your athletes jump higher and more powerful. I just ordered “POWER” so get ready for a review in the near future.

Other Random Stuff:

This video just look fucking awesome and makes me want to go BASE jumping right now.

If you’re into minimalist training and not fucking around with things that don’t work then you need to read what Jim Wendler has to say and the way he approaches training. His program 5/3/1 is easily one of the best programs I’ve seen and this article sums up how you should approach conditioning and all of the extra shit you think you need to do.

Song of the Week:

Story of the Year – And The Hero Will Drown