Casual Friday: Edition 6

Casual Friday: Edition 6

Quote of the Week:

“Die biting the throat.” –

Had a fantastic week getting re-integrated down here in Ft. Dix and getting back to being Jerz Nasty. One beast of being the Army is doing PT. Some units do it, some don’t. Some have good programs and most have shitty ones. Luckily for me, the company I’m commanding now contains the instructors for Modern Army Combatives. Even better is the fight house stocked with heavy bags, pull-up bars, med balls and suspension trainers. Once the gymnastic rings and kettlebells I ordered get in that place is going to fuckin’ rock.

Fitness/Fat Loss:

More Play, More Brown Fat? – The automatic thought that most people have is that all fat is bad. Wrong. Brown fat is good, and in fact is essential to survival. Brown fat is the fat that actually generates heat (like muscle) and burns energy in the process. As oppose to white fat which just stores energy. Very interesting read from John Berardi and even more reasoning behind having some fun every now and again.

Wake Up Heroic – The 20-Minute Morning Fix – Even though I was bitching about being in a rut the other day, some routines are crucial and can do wonders when you actually stick to them. Nate Green’s all about making your Hero (Alpha Male maybe??) and the rest of his site deserves a long hard look.

Other Random Stuff:

Which Side Are You On – Martin Rooney is one motivating dude. Just reading his stuff makes me want to go do heavy deadlifts and then go hunting with nothing but my bare hands. This post by him takes something that we all see and experience everyday, but usually don’t notice, and explains exactly how fucked up it really is. Awesome stuff.

Working Around Injuries – Focus On What You Can Do – Easily the ANGRIEST post I’ve ever read. And I loved every second of it. I’m not even going to ruin it for you, go read it and make sure you watch the video at the end if you have any respect for yourself.


Song of the Week:

Pursuit of Happiness – Kid Cudi