Casual Friday: Edition 4

In Memory

Last week SPC Christopher Scott was killed during combat in Afghanistan. SPC Scott grew up in the same small town, right around 1,000 people, and graduated a few years after me from the same high school.

While sadly this is an all too common occurrence, to the best of my knowledge he is the first from our town. While I wasn’t able to get to know him personal from everything I’ve heard SPC Scott was an incredible son, friend and Soldier who wanted nothing more to serve his country.

Rest in Peace brother.

Quote of the Week:

“You can sit around and just think about getting something done…or you can just fucking do it.”  – Peter Osbourne from Gluten Free Society and the mastermind behind The Gluten Free Warrior.


Alright everyone, quick hitter today.

Flew into Sunny, and blacked out, San Diego last night. Well…actually our flight got diverted to Ontario and I ended up grabbing a car and driving the 90ish minutes to San Diego.

It was actually pretty cool. Especially not knowing exactly where I was and then looking up to realize I was in the heart of downtown San Diego. It was like I Am Legend, just without the flesh eating zombies.

Fitness/Fat Loss:

 Is Dairy Healthy?

Cool article by Brian St. Pierre who works over at Cressey Performance. He breaks down the difference between dairy consumption in a western nation vs. an un/underdeveloped one and it’s pretty damn interesting.

The Hulk Factor

John Kiefer has written plenty of incredible and thoroughly researched articles on real low carb diets, strategies and their affects on the the body. Just another in depth article that should be read by anyone who is or is debating on doing a low carb diet.

Other Random Stuff:

Freezing Athletes to Speed Recovery

Ice baths and cold showers are now for the weak at heart. The new “it” recovery method is stepping inside cryogenic chamber and get within a millimeter of freezing yourself to death. The good news is according to a recent google search most YMCAs and local gyms don’t have a cryogenic chamber handy.

Call me weak but I’ll stick to ice baths.

Song of the Week:

You be Tails, I’ll be Sonic – A Day to Remember