Casual Friday: Edition 3

Casual Friday: Edition 3

Quote of the Week:

“Knowledge you don’t apply is worthless. Most people hold themselves back from their dream job, dream girlfriend, dream whatever because they can’t start.

They think they need all the information before they can take the first step. Bullshit.” – Nate Green

Fitness/Fat Loss:

How to Build Strength and Endurance at the Same Time

Travis Stoetzel is a crazy Nebraskan who obviously knows how to build an athletic body. Just take a look at his site and if you have the balls try out one of his Throwdown Thursday workouts. Anyways…this article hits close to home because I’m in the midst of trying to improve my 400m time. If you ask me, the way people approach and finish a 400m sprint will tell you a lot about them mentally.


The Main Ingredient

If you are into Strength and Conditioning and haven’t heard of Jasson Ferruggia you are sorely missing out. His brutally honest rants are refreshing as hell and this is one of the best of those rants.


Other Random Stuff:

I want to do this!

And lastly if you grew up in love with The Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtle as much as I was you will fucking flip over how awesome these pieces of art are. And yes…these are seriously some pieces of art. Dave Rapoza is the artist and he’s obviously talented.

April O’Neil and my favorite non-turtle….

Casey Jones

Song of the Week:

Nine Inch Nails – Hurt