Casual Friday: Edition 2

Casual Friday: Edition 2

Quote of the Week:

“Americans love this of course and sometimes the defense will call a blitz (from the German blitzkrieg meaning ‘to royally fuck someone or something up’) – Lyle McDonald on football. On a related note only 8 days until College football starts, woot woot!


Fitness/Fat Loss:

“Predators gorge and fast; Prey grazes”

J. Stanton does a fantastic job breaking down the psychological and nutritional reasons why we snack…and explains exactly why it’s this type of behavior (snacking) that makes us fatter. Add in the masses and the affect marketing has on them and it only gets worse. His entire site is fantastic and should be browsed by everyone.

Training Speed to Get Strong – Eric Cressey

Eric is a beast when it comes to getting guys stronger, faster and leaner. So when he talks I listen. This same type of approach was written about by Barry Ross in Underground Secrets to Running Faster and is something I’m including in my training program as we speak.

Other Random Stuff:

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IRENE! If you’re on the East Coast you know, and hopefully are staying safe. Either way, whenever I heard someone talk about it Jeremy Piven popped into my head and this clip started playing through my head. It should be required for everyone talking about the hurricane to say it like it’s said at 0:25 of this clip.


Great post by Joe Lightfoot over at EliteFTS about opening a warehouse gym. Regardless if you’re opening/operating a warehouse gym or a just a trainer you  need to read this quote if you want to help your clients…

“Everything is a plank. A push-up is a plank with arm movement and so is an inverted row. Teach your clients to brace everything. Total body rigidity is the key to success. Teach it.”

By thinking of every movement as a plank, or at least getting across that you need to be “tight” during any movement you can alleviate most issues with flailing body parts and general sloppiness.