Casual Friday: Edition 11

Casual Friday: Edition 11


It’s been a hell of a week. Started off with a visit to Parisi Speed School in Fair Lawn NJ for a Perform Better one day seminar. While I was there I was able to watch Martin Rooney fire everyone up with his, what I’m pretty sure is always the truth, incredibly thought provoking presentation. Watched Mike Boyle drop a few F-bombs and call 90% of trainers idiots. And was exposed to Gray Cook and Todd Durkin for the first time. Both made stellar impressions. Since I was too enamored with the presentations to do anything but stare and occasionally take notes here is a picture I stole of Rob King’s site, who was also in attendance (obviously), and I had’t seen since our intense workout in San Diego a few months back.

Martin Rooney speaking the truth

Anywho…on the sweetness.

Fitness/Fat Loss

Since late summer I’ve been re-training myself to get back into 400m condition. In high school I was able to just go out there and punish myself to a fairly respectable time. Now that I’m older and more washed up I need to take a smarter approach to it. is an incredible resource for everything 400m (if you’re into that event) but is also useful for anyone who just wants to run farther faster. I pulled this article about ground contact out of the archives because it’s something that damn near everyone fucks up when sprinting or teaching people how to sprint.

Hint: This is NOT optimal ground contact

And for something that more of the masses will enjoy and/or be interested it here is a video that Tony Gentlicore put up about proper deadlift set up. Again something that most people, including myself, mess up on. If you take one thing about from this video I’m willing to bet you’ll see your poundage go up real quick.

Other Random Stuff

More often than not it’s assumed that to be good at something you need to break it down in to little chunks and know everything you can about each little element. Well…not exactly. The breaking it down into chunks part works. However, somethings you don’t know why they are what they are until you just know. Confusing…I know. That’s why I’m linking to Craig Weller’s post about Yes/No learning. Somethings you can’t or won’t learn until you’ve gotten enough “no” response to understand what might be a “yes”. Riding a bike is an easy example…falling down = no, staying up = yes. The more “yes” response you get means the more proficient you are.

Lastly, you’re self-handicapping in most things you do. “I didn’t care about that class anyway” or “I knew I wouldn’t be able to make the team” are jus a few examples of how you can offer up excuses and justify not trying very hard in the first place. Check out this article for a few more details. Moral of the story: try hard and take the hit to your self-esteem when you fail knowing that failing means you’re progressing. Seriously, failing isn’t the end of the world.

Song of the Week (Blast From the Past Edition…)

Korn – Got the Life