Casual Friday: Edition 10

Casual Friday: Edition 10

Get your popcorn ready!

It’s another edition of Casual Friday here on Alpha Male FTS and you’re going to have to excuse me if I don’t make much sense. You see, like every fitness professional worth is salt I believe in a proper warm up for every major event. Some may call it rehearsal, but it’s all the same thing. You never go into something important without first doing a dry run or getting familiar with the event. Since Thanksgiving is next Thursday my roommates and myself decided to have a little pre-Thanksgiving Thanksgiving dinner.

Turkey, venison steaks, mashed taters, mac and cheese with peppers and onions, stuffing, pumpkin cheesecake(!!!) and apple cranberry pie. Not to mention the dozen or so bottles of wine.

It. Was. Glorious.

Ok, now on to what we came here for…

Fitness/Fat Loss

Speaking of the holidays…nobody wants to come out of them looking like a puffy, fat person. That doesn’t mean you need to carry around tupperware full of tuna and skip out on the pumpkin cheesecake (seriously, I love that stuff). But it does mean you need to take control of what you eat and do. Check out this article by Lyle McDonald about a few tips and tricks to not be a fatty when 2012 rolls around.

Craig Weller at BarefootFTS likes to write more why we do certain things and how inputs affect our behaviors. Why certain people see food as a status symbol is one of those things that happens all of the time, but when you really think about it makes no sense. I really can’t do the article any justice so you’re going to have to click over to read it, it’s a short one anyways.

Other Random Stuff

Geo Rockwell over at got a hold of me earlier in the week and asked if I would like to do an interview with him. At first I just thought it was a joke or he meant some other “Mike Inscho” since it’s such a common name. But no, he was serious and he wanted to interview yours truly.

Holy shit I felt like I was a celebrity. Geo’s an awesome guy and he’s on his way to being very, very successful in the fitness business. He has a beer with his name on it next time I’m out in San Diego.

I love PsyBlog. Knowing how other peoples minds work and how your own mind works will take you much farther in life than if you spent that time playing pokemon or mafiawars or some other bullshit. This article on buying less insurance makes a great point about human behavior that I deeply agree with. That point is that people don’t take enough risks. Personally, if something is easy to get/do and there is little risk involved I’m not completely interested. No risk, reward.


Song of the Week

Stuck in the Middle – Four Year Strong