Casual Friday: Edition 1

Casual Friday: Edition 1

It’s Friday. And I’m dressed in casual gear instead of the regular old ACU (aka Army uniform). So what better way to celebrate my very first casual Friday of my adult life than to start a weekly roll-up of awesome stuff and call it “Casual Friday”.

Genius…I know.

Fitness/Strength/Fat Loss Stuff:

My general disdain for CrossFit and it’s resemblance of a cult is summed up perfectly by whoever the guy/gal behind Drywall CrossFit is. I easily wasted 75% of my morning perusing through the site. These two posts were easily my favorites.

JC over at JCD Fitness just has a kick ass blog. I don’t really have to say more than that. If you like straight shooters who don’t fall for whatever random fad happens to be cool at the time I guarantee you’ll like his site.

Other Random Stuff:

I love They always have random tips and tricks to make you better and pretty much every aspect of life. This article posted today about the power of silence is awesome for two reasons…1) I’m usually a pretty quite dude and 2) I think most people talk too fucking much.

RangerUp is a t-shirt company started by a couple ex-Rangers that focuses on patriotic and MMA gear. They aren’t you’re typical blue shirt with a flag on the front type of company. They’re brash and in your face. Of course my favorite line of theirs is the Unapologetically American. Check out there store and support a business run by vets that gives back to vets. Just to give you a taste, here is my favorite shirt of theirs…


In the life of Mike:

If you read last Friday’s post you know I went on a road trip of quasi-epic proportions. That might be a little over the top but it’s my blog so I don’t care. Between my cousin running into the ocean with everything (phone, keys, wallet) still in his pocket and my buddy Pat  losing his sun glasses and getting knocked over by some massive waves within 15 minutes of getting to the beach I consider myself lucky. We’ll chalk the destruction of the phone and loss of the glasses as sacrifices to Poseidon that kept my safe.

My other buddy Freeze met us in Savannah and being the awesome photographer that he is snapped away the entire time. These are a few of the ones he has posted already (none of just me, so unless you know me you probably won’t be able to pick me out).

Seriously, he’s an awesome photographer. Check out his site.

That’s it for this week. Have a kick ass weekend everyone.