Cardboard, Beer, Dueces

Cardboard, Beer, Dueces

I’m a big supporter of taking time once or twice a year to completely de-compress and reset your mind. This year, though, with the release of the Training Guide and other shenanigans I’ve failed at following my advice.

That’s why, starting today, I’m going on vacay from everything. No writing, no blogging, no facebook or twattering (maybe…). Just hanging out with family, friends, and the Lady Alpha while racing cardboard boats and riding Jet Skis in the Finger Lakes (aka the most fucking beautiful place on earth).

Here is how we’re getting this vacay started…watching a bunch of drunk people racing boats made of cardboard and duct tape around the marina…

Alpha Male - Beer

Two Large Men + Flimsy Cardboard = We Didn’t Make it too Far

After that…who the fuck knows. I’ll be back with same awesome-ness in a week. Til then…keep livin’ aggressive and keep livin’ good!

Alpha Male

Good Livin’