Being Awesome: A Quick Start Guide

Being Awesome: A Quick Start Guide

Lift heavy stuff

Lifting heavy stuff is just awesome in general. So of course this makes the top of the list of things to make you more awesome. You’re best bets are the deadlift, squat, overhead press, floor press, bent-over rows. If you have something to hang weights from, and are strong enough, pull-ups and dips are also pretty damn awesome.

When you lift heavy stuff you use more muscle than lifting light stuff. Pretty obvious right? This not only makes your muscles stronger, bigger and more solid but it also plays a role in increasing testosterone and helps you keep muscle mass when dieting.

Run fast

If you want to look like a marathoner, then go run like a marathoner. But you should want to look lean, ripped, strong and fast. So  short, intense sprints are going to be your go to running session. 10m sprints all the way up to 400m or 800m sprints will do the trick. If you don’t have a 400m track nearby you can go by time. Intervals of 15s/45s to 1m/1m of work/rest can be done anywhere there is an open space.

Eat big (or fast)

“Predators gorge and fast; prey grazes.”

Nothing is better than grabbing a few handfuls of spinach, a pound of grilled ribeye, 3-4 sunny side up eggs and some sauteed peppers and onions for dinner. Throw in a few IPAs or a couple glasses of Tramanillo wine and it’s even better. Too many years were wasted by me, and probably you too, thinking you needed to eat small meals every couple hours. Screw that. It leaves you hungry, lethargic and counting down until the next “meal”. I’d much rather eat big when I eat and not have to worry about food (aka fast) when I’m not eating.

Learn to please a woman

Any many worth is salt wants to be sexual master. There is nothing wrong with taking pleasure in admiring a womans body and doing the amazing things that make her arch her back in pleasure, scream out loud and give you that “holy shit that was awesome” look as she tries to catch her breath.

Sleep like a hibernating bear

Just like pretty much everything else on this list going big or going home when it comes to sleep is a great feeling. This one takes a bit of prior planning though. To reap the full benefits you need to relax on the caffeine after a certain time and you need to understand when you naturally fall asleep. If that’s 8pm so be it. Turn the thermostat down to 67-70 degrees and pass the fuck out until you wake up naturally. Alarm clocks be damned. Realisitically this isn’t always possible but it is something I aim to do as much as I possibly can.

Look like James freakin Bond

Fashion sense is something that doesn’t come easily to a lot of guys. Some guys are unaware and most just don’t give a shit. After you make the effort though you can easily see the difference between an off the rack button up shirt and one that you’ve taken in to get tailored. Taking a lot of pride in your appearance will pay off everywhere from getting an upgrade on your next flight to getting a free cup of coffee at the cafe. When you look good people want to treat you good.

Read something

Gnoll Credo, In the Company of Heroes, WAR, Into the Wild. Anything really. Smash the cable box and say fuck watching TV. Be at least a tad bit active in your entertainment. Plus you’ll learn much more reading than by passively watching TV.

Realize life isn’t as bad as you make it out to be

Mike Durant was shot down over Somolia and held hostage for 11 days with a broken back, broken femur and gun shot wounds. Is you’re over cooked steak really that big of a deal? No it’s not. Shut up and stop letting things that have no reason to ruin your life ruin your life. Stop giving a fuck, you’ll be much happier.