AoM: 6 Great Articles for Men

AoM: 6 Great Articles for Men

Last week I had the fantasical privilege of having some of my writing featured on The Art of Manliness (AoM). Needless to say, I’ve been incredible humbled by the response and the influx of new readers since it’s been released.

So, to all the new readers, I say “Heyo!”

Now, in return, I’ve decided to compile six of the best articles I’ve seen on the Art of Manliness. There was no criteria for picking these articles other than having a massive want to say “hell yeah!” after I read them .

Mustache = Man

1 – This Too Shall Pass

All too often people feel like that whatever is happening to them at this very second is indicative of how the rest of their life will be forever. Maybe they don’t actually think that, but when something bad is happening you can almost guarantee they think their life is now ruined.

Well, it’s not. And your life is about 90% positive and 10% negative. For whatever reason, when things go bad we start preparing as if they will never get better. This is good…to a point.

Feeling like things will never get better can force you to think critically, logically, and do what needs to get done to get out of that situation. The problems occur when you just give up and assume your life is fucked.

That’s when you need to realize that whatever is happening at that time will pass. Once you realize that it’s not permanent, and that no matter what happens it won’t be terribly hard to get back to where you were, you start worrying less and enjoying more.

2 – Viewers vs. Doers: The Rise of Spectatoritis

This one is best described by pulling a quote directly from the article.

“The personal interest in athletics has been largely superseded by an interest in spectacular games, which unfortunately tend to divide the Nation into two groups: the few overworked champions in the arena, and the great crowd, content to do nothing but sit on the benches and look on, while indulging their tastes for tobacco and alcohol.

It is this last that is turning so many thoughtful ones against baseball, football,etc. This, it will be seen, is a reproduction of the condition that ended in the fall of Rome. In her days of growth every man was a soldier; in the end a few great gladiators were in the arena, to be watched and applauded by the millions who personally knew nothing at all of fighting or heroism.

Degeneracy is the word.

To combat the system that has turned such a large proportion of our robust, manly, self-reliant boyhood into a lot of flat-chested cigarette-smokers, with shaky nerves and doubtful vitality, I began the Woodcraft movement in America.” –Ernest Thompson Seton, creator of Woodcraft Indians, and a founder of Boy Scouts of America

Brett put it perfectly in the article…you can’t become a man from the sidelines.

3 – Famous Nappers: The Napping Habits of 8 Famous Men

Napping is not a sign of weakness or laziness. In fact, there are even a few studies out there that suggest we are best suited for bi-phasic sleep, aka a core rest (at night) and then a short rest (a nap).

Slide up under your desk and rack out for a few minutes. If anyone hassles you just tell them the guys from this article napped and it took them to great places.

4 – Good Things Come to Those Who Wait: The Power and Pleasure of Delayed Gratification

Did you ever notice how most things that people want, whether it’s more muscle, less fat, being able to sprint faster, reading/writing/speaking better, or kicking a bad habit takes a hell of a long time?

Ironically, a lot of bad stuff can happen in an instant. Broken bones, food poisoning, herpes, etc.

Realizing that good things take time, and work, before they become noticeable is something that everyone needs to realize. This lesson alone can cut your stress by a factor of 10 and let you enjoy life a whole hell of a lot more.

5 – Go Small or Go Home: In Praise of Minimalism

Again, anything I say won’t be as effective as what was already written in the article.

Thinking about men I admired, it dawned on me that most had a quiet contempt towards any excess of material possessions. Their expertise and confidence were displayed by the fact that they did not require much to live successfully. They could just as easily get along for a week in the woods with nothing but a knife as they could living in a posh suburban neighborhood with all its amenities. Possessions had no control over the trajectory of their lives. They were not gadget junkies, seeking their fix from the latest Best Buy sale. They were in control of the things they owned, not the other way around. Real manliness meant freedom from the bondage of material goods.

6 – Being Fully Present as a Man

How often do you whip out your phone and start playing words with friends the second you have the time to? What about watching tv instead of taking a walk around a new neighborhood? Shoveling your food into your mouth as you drive to/from work?

I still find my self guilty of not being present in certain moments. It takes an effort to not bust out my phone to pass the time waiting in line. But, when I’m able to keep it in my pants (that’s what she said?) I find that those little experiences are much more rewarding.

Hopefully you get as much out of these articles as I did. If you have any others that you find just absolutely mind-blowing, make sure to share them in the comments. And if you want even more Art of Manliness make sure you check out The Art of Manliness: Classic Skills and Manners for the Modern Man and Manvotionals: Timeless Wisdom and Advice on Living the 7 Manly Virtues





  1. Hey Mike,
    I don’t usually post comments but I felted compelled this time. This is a great site that you’ve put together, with much needed advice and perspective for our society. I hope you get more views and the chance to make more of a difference! I hope to see more of your collaboration with AoM.


  2. In a world the pushes feminism, sites like this and AoM will become the common meeting place for men who refuse to relent our masculinity in the future. Boys remain boys for a lack of modeling. Self-reliance, fortitude, vision are lacking in many men today. Cudos for men like Mike and Brett over at AoM who devote so much time and effort to help men realize that they were meant to be Alpha Males! Whoo Rah!

  3. I found the AoM site a couple of years ago. There’s some great content to be found there, and these articles are definately among them. Thanks for bringing these to the attention of people who might not be aware of the AoM site.