My Story/FAQ

The Story of The Guy Behind Alpha Male FTS

His name is Mike Inscho and if you ask me he’s a pretty awesome dude.

Full disclaimer…it is Mike Inscho who is in fact writing this, but that shouldn’t disuade you from agreeing with the first statement.

I grew up in a very small town in Upstate New York and still get a kick how everyone outside of this state is convinced New York City makes up the entire state. Every since I was a young’n my Grandpa was throwing me into situations that were way more complex and demanding than I was able to handle….not a day goes by that I don’t thank him for that.

Growing up it was just my Mom and me. Foodstamps/WIC/HUD and any other form of assistance you can think of were common and up until about the age of 10 I thought everyone was on government assistance. Needless to say healthy eating wasn’t high on the list. So of course I grew to be a bit portly or, if you remember when jean sizes were named instead of numbered, husky. Thankfully between my borderline ADD levels of hyperactivity and Grandpa’s love of manual labor I never reached the point where I could be considered overweight. I was always labeled as “average”. And I fucking hated it.

Average was a negative word to me then and that feeling has followed me through life. Fast forward to 2008 when I finish college and that feeling grew like Tokka and Rahzar after Shredder threw some ooze on them. I didn’t have professors to assign challenging assignments and there was no more college football to test me physically. By then I had been in the US Army for 4 years and that too had become too easy.

Thus, the approach, mindset and motivation that would evolve into Alpha Male FTS was created. My life goal is to never be stagnant and to always, ALWAYS, be progressing in every physical, mental and psychological aspect of life. Going from Average Joe to Alpha Male has become my rallying cry and my mission. My idea of the Alpha Male isn’t this bullshit “I’ll teach to you pick up chicks” mindset that way too many douche bags have. It embodies maturity, honesty, mental strength, physical strength and the never ending desire to improve. Everything Alpha Male can be found here.

If you want to check out the longer and more recent account of why/how I go to where I am right now go check out my “Deep End of Time Management” series. Here is Part 1, Part 2 and Part 3.

What is Alpha Male FTS?

Alpha Male FTS is the foremost site on the entire interwebz for turning you’re regular, everyday, normal guy into an Alpha Male. How is this accomplished? Easy…through mindset, strength training, nutrition and the never ending desire to learn no matter what the subject is.

Is this just for guys?

No, absolutely not. While you won’t find me debating the pros and cons of wearing mascara, you (if you’re a lady) will find boat loads of information that will help take you to the next level also.  Alpha Females share the same characteristics as typical Alpha Males and because of this are usually described as strong, sexy and confident.

Who is Alpha Male FTS?

Mike Inscho and the occasional awesome guest author.

What is Alpha Male FTS all about?

Like it says above, the #1 goal of Alpha Male FTS is to take your Average Joe and give him the tools needed to become an Alpha Male

What will I get from reading this site?

Dedication from everyone involved to reverse the feminization of men around the world and move men away from the habit of posturing/preening/showing off in silly attempts to appear confident and in charge.

Where else can I find Alpha Male FTS?

Facebook, Facebook Page, YouTube and Twitter.