A Matter of Perception

Life is good. Death is bad. Everything else is just a matter of perception.

Seriously. Read that again and think about it for a second.

What happened to you so far today? I’ll tell you what happened to me. I drove to Starbucks to write this and a few other articles. I got stuck behind an old-as-fuck diesel truck and was sure I was going to get sick from the fumes. I barely got an hour of sleep last night for some odd reason. And lastly I realized I may or may not have over spent a tad bit this weekend in New York City. From most peoples perspective that’s one decent/good thing and three bad things that happened to me so far.

But I’m alive, breathing, sitting outside in shorts and a t-shirt (in October, THANKS GLOBAL WARMING!) writing this. Life is good my friend. Now it’s easy to sit here and get pissed about all of the other bullshit that’s happened today, but what good would that do? Absolutely none. First it’d distract the hell out of me, and instead of knocking out a few articles in a an hour or so, I’d knock out maybe one shitty article in the same time and have to edit/re-write the bastard tonight. Not only would I waste the time thinking about all of the bad stuff, but I’d waste my time tonight re-writing it. And let me tell you, that time could have been spent reading or cruising the internet for midget porn.

If you perceive something to be negative it will cause a chain reaction and next thing you know everything that happened to you that day will be negative. Now that free coffee isn’t a positive, it’s a negative because you burned your tongue. The girl who came up and gave you her number (a miracle in itself) doesn’t mean a damn thing because she was white and you have this thing for Asian chicks.

Damn this day sucked something fierce.

Turn it all around though. Seriously, take a day and find the positive in every little thing that happens to you. You know what happens? You learn. You find patterns. You see more of the big picture. Take the examples above and put them in a positive light. The next time you get a cup of coffee you either wait for it to cool down, or you test it out first to make sure you won’t get a third degree burn on your tongue. And that girl who gave you her number…do I seriously have to explain this one??

Listen, I’m not trying to preach some new age bullshit or say that peace makes the world go round. But I’ve come across my fair share of Negative Nancy’s in my day and they’ve done nothing but pull everyone else down into their worthless, depressing sad little life. Don’t let this crap happen to you, and more importantly, don’t be that asshole that ruin everyone else’s life because you can’t find positives in everyday life.