5 “No”s of the Average Joe

5 “No”s of the Average Joe

“I can’t take this mediocrity”

– Overrated by Less Than Jake

Lately I’ve been breaking everyone I meet into two separate groups. Honestly, I have no real idea why. It’s just happening. If you are the type of person who pays attention to your surroundings you probably do something very similar.

Sometimes you run into your Average Joes.

Other times you’ll run into your Alpha Males.


Now there is nothing inherently wrong with being either one…but if you straight up ask me I’m going to tell you being an Alpha Male is 100x better than being an Average Joe. With that being said, of all the Average Joes I’ve run into recently have had incredibly similar qualities and outlooks. I can’t help but think that these qualities and outlooks are a big part of why they aren’t Alpha Males.


1) No Discipline

Angry Arnold is right

Whether it’s the discipline to train when they’re supposed to train or eating how they KNOW they need to eat, Average Joes lack discipline. The most common excuse is that it’s too hard to do what ever it is they know they need to do.

Well buckle up buttercup because being anything but average takes effort and is rarely easy. This lack of discipline usually…no, ALWAYS plays into everything else that makes this Joe so damn average.


2) No Plan

Again, it’s too easy to wing it and do whatever you feel like doing at that point in time. I’m all for doing what I want to do just because I can do it. But, if you want any type on consistency in your improvements or any improvement at all a plan is crucial.

If you just train whatever class is going on at the gym that day you’ll get no where fast. How hard is it to pick 3-4 exercises to do 3-4 times per week?

Answer: It’s not.

You don’t need to write a novel for your training plan, but you do need to take 30-40 every 4 weeks to create something.


 3) No Mental Toughness

Mental toughness and discipline go hand in hand. With one you’ll get the other. That’s a fact. The kicker is, creating mental toughness is no walk in the park. It’s more like getting a hand-job with sandpaper by the girl with the worlds strongest grip.

If you want to continue being average then kick back and watch some more TV. If you want to excel past being average and work towards becoming alpha you’ll need to grin and bear it. Check out this report for tips on honing mental toughness and, in turn, discipline.


 4) No Balls

It’s too easy to lay in your bed and stare at the ceiling. But nothing great will ever be achieved that way. One more crucial aspect to becoming an alpha male is doing stuff that scares you, stuff that people look at and say “damn, that dude has some balls”.

I like to call these moments that give you that “my butt hole is puckered/heart in my throat/holy shit I’m going to die” moments. Anything from bungee jumping to talking to stranger can qualify. The key is you need to be scared to do it…but do it anyways.

Marbles....you got 'em?


 5) No Desire

Some people are lazy. Some people are absolutely fine with being average. Good for them, they have no desire to be great. For the rest of us though, desire is an incredibly strong tool towards becoming an Alpha Male.

It’s as simple as if you desire it you will aim to achieve it. Add in having discipline, a plan, some mental toughness and a ball or two and you are well on your way.


What else separates the Average Joe from an Alpha Male? Leave your answers in the comments below and together we well start the movement from Average to Alpha.



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    I like the way you think.