4 Ways to Get in the Drivers Seat

“Lately I’m beginning to find that I should be the one behind the wheel” –Drive by Incubus

Talking the talk is easy. Walking the walk, not so much. I’ve only come across a few people who actually have the balls to stop just talking or thinking about their goals and actually took the steps that put them on the right path. Hell, sometimes it was just a path. The key point is they took action. Nobody wants to fail, that’s pretty damn obvious. Because of the fear most people will stick to creating the “perfect plan”. Why? Because it’s easier to think about doing something and have no risk of failure. I’ve yet to meet someone who fails at thinking, even though I do know of a few who are pretty damn close. There is nothing wrong with planning, but it gets to certain point where you just need to pull the fucking trigger and make it happen.

But where do you start? Here are the 4 things that I’ve found to be incredibly useful in the last year:


Actually pinpointing and writing down your goals is a huge step towards taking the actions needed to reach them. Weird, I know. But here is the key point-CHOOSE A GOAL THAT YOU ACTUALLY WANT. Most people choose goals that don’t excite them because it’s easier to pick something they heard from a friend or saw on TV. I’m not going to try and increase the literacy rate in inner-city schools because I don’t give a shit about that. It doesn’t excite me.


This stems from the excitement you get about actually achieving the goals you’ve set for yourself. Do you get giddy like a 14 year old girl watching Twilight when you think about your goal? If not you need to find a goal that does. How long do you think you can actually work towards a goal that you don’t really care about? Not long. If you don’t believe me go pick a goal you 100% don’t care about reaching and try to reach.

Stop Giving a Fuck-

It’s your goal. Not the goal of your family, friends or anyone else. If you truly want to reach it, then do it. Being hell bent on getting that hot blonde in bed again may sound shallow, but why should you care? If that excites you and that is what you really want then go for it. Everyone else isn’t going to have to same excitement you have about your goals. Don’t let that stop you. Stop giving a fuck about what other people say about your goal and go do it. It’s 100x easier to break someone down about what they want than it is to put yourself out there and work towards getting what you want.

Install Controls-

Ok, so you have specific goals set, you’re all amped up about reaching them and you’ve stopped caring about what others think about them. You have done all of that right? Then time to install some controls. This is the easy part to do physically but maybe the hardest part mentally because it usually ends up to breaking a habit, which we all know can be a bitch. So, you want to cut down on watching TV… then cancel cable. Want to stop being confused with Rosie O’donnell when you you walk down the street…stock your house with ONLY fruits, veggies, lean meat, nuts, eggs and water. Make a rule that you can’t eat breakfast until you do 30 minutes of fasted cardio. You get the idea. Creating a system of controls and rewards is much easier to handle mentally than just saying “oh I shouldn’t eat this”. If you weren’t excited about your goal to begin with you’ll fail miserably at this point.

The best time to start is now, go take ACTION towards meeting the goals you set for yourself. Stop putting it off  until January 1st. Stop waiting until the perfect time to start. The “perfect time” is a myth kept alive by the weak and lazy. It’s too easy to sit around and count ceiling tiles waiting for the clock to strike “perfect”. Use the steps above, alter them to fit YOUR goals, and get to it. Things aren’t going to happen unless you make them happen.

Grow some balls and take action.

What have you done today do meet your goals?