34 Reasons…

34 Reasons…

Today is the last day to pick up our “Average Joe to Alpha Male Training Program for a cool $10 off of the regular price. If you grabbed it already, you’re awesome and I love and congratulations on taking control of your life. [Note: If you haven’t grabbed it already…you’re a meanie face and I hope you enjoy being wildly mediocre.]

Without further ado…here are 34 reasons that the Average Joe to Alpha Male Training Program will rock your socks off.

1) It’s awesome. ‘Nuff said.

2) Thinking is hard. If you’d rather just print out a solid plan instead of nerding out over rep/set schemes and metabolic processes to make an educated decision, then this is for you. I’ve done all the nerding out necessary, all you need to do is execute the plan.

3) Strength gain, increases in speed, or fat loss are all easily attainable goals with this framework. A tweak here or there and you’re on your way.

4) The program shows you how to get results in less than an hour per training session.

5) Less time in the gym equals more time enjoying your social life and life outside of lifting things up and putting them down.

6) The amount of work you do will somewhat justify the amount of meat you eat.

7) It’ll make your dick bigger (maybe)

8) It will teach you how to push yourself and breakdown the mental barrier you’ve built up for yourself.

9) Running mile for fat loss??? Eff’ that noise. Average Joe to Alpha Male shows you how to use running to lose fat, not muscle, like most distance running.

Average Joe to Alpha Male

10) Because fuck being average.

11) Look powerful, and actually be powerful.

12) Send your confidence through the roof (in a non-douchey way) because you’ll learn that you can handle almost any situation thrown your way.

13) There will be no more “off-season”. You’ll be beach ready all year and not have to worry about being mistaken for a beached whale.

14) No need to make anymore “I’ll start on Monday” promises.

15) No need to following the lemmings every December as they make New Years resolutions.

16) Gain the ability to impregnate woman merely with a sexy glance (maybe)

17) The entire guide is made up of simple, actionable, and effective steps. All you need to do is execute.

18) Learn when and why to throw the training plan out of the window.

19) Learn the exercises that will trigger the most change.

Average Joe to Alpha Male

20) Because fuck being average (yes, again, because it’s that important).

21) Have a clear-cut plan for the next 6 weeks.

22) See actually results after those 6 weeks, and be primed to keep the ball rolling.

23) Learn the approach guaranteed to build pure strength, without burning you out.

24) Get rid of all the frustration you feel from not knowing if you’re doing it right

25) Get rid of the frustration from feeling like you worked your ass off, but then not seeing any results.

26) Utilize legitimate functional training concepts (no fucking bosu balls here) to become more athletic and mobile.

27) Build mental toughness through building your body. Tough mind + Strong body = Unstoppable.

28) Think the workout is all that matters? Learn about the 2/3rds of the equation that doesn’t involve training.

29) Learn how to use a solid warmup to get more results from your training session.

30) Just starting to get involved with training? Good, you’ll be starting on the right foot.

Average Joe to Alpha Male

31) Been training for a few years? No problem, learn to use what you already know and learn where you can still improve to make your training more efficient.

32) “Advanced” trainee? Still no issue. Cut out all the fluff you’re following and learn how to make better progress AND re-claim your life outside of the gym.

33) Most of what you see in the gym, whether it’s equipment or exercises, is unnecessary. Find the 20% of exercises that will get you 80% of your results.

34) Finally learn what it feels like to be at the top of the food chain.

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