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The “Perfect” Hoax

The “Perfect” Hoax

I sipped on my beer.

He was telling me how he had made some changes to his plan for playing professional baseball. He had his shit together, that was obvious. But I could tell by the way he explained things that he wasn’t sure about his choices.

“Listen,” I as I took another sip.”You can sit here and debate with yourself about the best training program all day, but you’re not going to get anywhere from just that.”

He was making the same mistake I was making at 22. Searching for the “perfect” program. Thinking that adding more was the answer, and trying to work every single muscle into every workout. It’s frustrating, I know.

“You need to stop trying to create the perfect program and start doing the optimal program.”

Nobody is perfect, right? That doesn’t stop the vast majority of people involved with fitness to still reach for it. It’s an end goal, though a damn near impossible end goal, but it motivates people to get in the gym and on the track, so I’m not going to knock it too much.

Sometimes, though, perfect becomes an obsession. This time, I will judge. And try to get it into your head that you’re wasting your time.

Obsessing over being “perfect” is just an excuse to bask in mediocrity.

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Find The Will to Accomplish Anything

Find The Will to Accomplish Anything

So today is the day that it’s customary to go through a list of things that you’re thankful for.

Well…fuck that.

Call me the Hipster of Thanksgiving 2012 because that stuff is done by everyone and it’s always the same three things. Family, health, happiness. Or something along those lines.

Mine would be a short list anyways…

  • Good beer
  • Thick steaks
  • Strong coffee
  • Sloppy blow jobs

That’s it. Hey…I’m a simple man.

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“If effectiveness is doing the right things, effic…

“If effectiveness is doing the right things, efficient is doing things right.”

– Tim Ferriss, The Four Hour Chef

Breaking Your Crappy Habits

Lets face it, you’re lazy and want to do things the easiest way possible. Same here dude.

Use the trick in the video to easily break your bad habits and stop being so average in everything you do.

Now Leaving Suck City [aka Getting Back on Track with your Training]

Now Leaving Suck City [aka Getting Back on Track with your Training]

Sometimes, life walks in while you’re in the middle of giving it to your training. I mean, you’re really going at it, humming along, and firing on all cylinders.

Them…BAM! In walks life. You make eye contact as you’re balls deep in your training. Then things just get all kinds of weird.

It’s going to happen. Like death, taxes, and [insert something witty here]…you can’t avoid it.

I’ve just gone through one of these encounters. As I’m sure you have noticed, its been a few months since I’ve posted on here…and sadly, also a few months since I’ve trained in any organized fashion.

I’m flabbier, weaker, and slower than I was in August. It sucks. But it’s the reality and it’s something I have control over. I’m not about to run away from it. [Read more…]