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4 Tools of the Strength Training Trade

4 Tools of the Strength Training Trade

Growing up I idolized my Grandfather. I mean absolutely idolized and knew, without a shred of doubt, that he was the greatest man to ever walk to face of the planet.

He was a carpenter by trade so all of his time was spent carrying a toolbox on a job site, working in his own shop in the garage, and yelling at me for running around barefoot in that garage.

I still claim, to this day, that dodging all of those nails and sharp things on the ground is how I cultivated my amazing agility.

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You’re Doing it Wrong: High Knees Edition

Like I said in the last post…I failed you and wasn’t able to put up the usual awesome article on Tuesday.

So in an attempt to appease you SOBs I’m putting up another tutorial video. This time about how to properly do High Knees. Just like with Butt Kicks (done the right way, mind you), doing high knees is an effective and efficient way to 1) warm up for any type of athletic event (weight and sprint training included) and 2) learn the proper mechanics and motor patterns to make you fast as fuck.


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Get Faster by Kicking Your Own Ass

Hokay…so normally put something up on Tuesday to get you ready for a week of awesomeness. Well, I’m a day late this week.

My apologies dudes!

BUT… I have a sick, short video for you that will show you how to improve your running form and make you faster. Super simple and super effective. Just like it should be.

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Sprints + Bodyweight: AKA Get Your Ass Outside

Sprints + Bodyweight: AKA Get Your Ass Outside

Today we have a straight up workout article for two reasons…

1) Since Friday I’ve been too busy watching the Track and Field events of the Olympics. And the Mens 200 (arguably my favorite event) starts today, for those who give a damn.

2) It’s the tail end of summer. The ability to chill outside for the sole reason being “it’s summer” is slowly falling away. And that makes me a sad Mike.

Everything outside is better than it’s counterpart that is done inside. Example…would you rather cook in your kitchen or fire up your grill to cook some dead animals? [Read more…]