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Alpha Male: Are you Him?

Alpha Male: Are you Him?

I spent the entirety of last week on the beach in Jacksonville, FL. Literally, the entire week. It was fantabulous. Gallivanting on the beach and playing Kan Jam by day. Wandering up and down the local strip stopping at every bar and cigar shop by night.

On top of having blast, the experiences of the week also gave me a much needed chance to reflect and ponder what it means to be a real Alpha Male.

The one bar we always ended up at, even during the last two trips down there, is always full of what appear to be Alpha Males. Walk into that place on any Friday or Saturday night and it will ooze testosterone and confidence, both pseudo and actual. The thing is, the place is always filled with gorgeous woman too. Did these girls not realize that most of these guy were doing nothing more than posturing and pretending? It had my mind spinning the entire week trying to make sense of it all.

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