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Deep End of Time Management Pt. 1

How was I able to fit roughly 30 hours worth of shit to do into a 24-hour day??

Easy answer…I wasn’t.

No matter how much you beg, plead, wish, or offer sexual favors, each day is only 24 hours long and 99% of the world is dead set in their 9-5 daily grind. This 9-5 grind is completely different from the hustle/make-moves kind of grind. I used to be under the impression that you could only get work done between 9am and 5pm too. Until I was forced to realize that it’s not the case. [Read more…]

Leprechaun Workouts

Happy St Patricks day dummies!

In celebration of this great and very “authentic” holiday I created a simple and fun way to get your days worth of training in while out getting hammered-drunk.

5 reps for every…
-Kiss me Im Irish shirt, button or tattoo.
-Time someone mentions their trip to Ireland that they’re planning.
-Green beer you drink [Read more…]