2011, 1st Quarter

“So let’s go, a tiny spark to set it off. I’ll explode. Ignite the dark illuminate the unknown.” – It Must Really Suck to Be Four Year Strong Right Now by Four Year Strong

Happy New Year Stupids!

As you’ve seen all over the internet, it’s the time of year to write and talk about the changes you want to make in the next year. While I’m all about bettering yourself in anyway you see fit, I’m not about waiting for certain date to come around to start making these changes.

The best time to start anything, no matter what it is, is right freakin’ now. Working with that, it’s crucial to keep Parkinson’s Law in mind. It states “Work expands so as to fill the time available for its completion.” Think back to high school when on the first day you were assigned a paper due on the last day. When did you start it? I’m gonna guess the week before it was due. That’s Parkinsons Law. So if you give yourself a year to  complete something, it likely won’t happen until December if it happens at all.

Work expanding to fill the time allotted, a single start date each year and a single, large chunk of time to accomplish everything in. Sounds like the approach everyone takes to their resolutions huh?

Watching ESPN I heard something that just clicked and I could get behind. Lou Holtz, even though I hate hearing him talk, made an amazing point when asked what he would say to Stanford right before they were going to play in the Orange Bowl. I don’t remember it verbatim but it went along the lines of…”You’re not going to come out of this locker room and dominate from start to finish. The momentum of this game is going to ebb and flow. It’s not a 1 minute game, it’s a 60 minute game. You’re not going to win this game by playing great for a minute a two, you’re going to win it by playing the whole 60 minutes.”

Actually want to accomplish one of your resolutions this year? Screw the whole idea of having a year to do it and make it a quarter. Pretty much the exact approach businesses take.

Start Date: Jan 4 (a little late, I know)

End Date: March 31st


1) Seeing those abs. This goal will definitely be part of the 3rd Quarter aka Beach Time

2) Full overhead squat with perfect form. Flexibility has always been a weakness of mine. It’s about time I take a concentrated effort.

Mmmm, overhead squats.


1) Make a sale. That’s right, a single sale. From there it’ll grow.

2) Get to the point where I’m tweaking and tracking more than I’m creating and building. This goal needs to be more specific with a measurable end point, but at this point I’m not even sure where or what that would be.