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“The idea of fairness is a ridiculous notion – if you have something to offer then you should be treated as such. If you’re a scrub in life, don’t expect to be treated like someone that has value.”

Jim Wendler, via T-Nation

Everyday Mobility – Joe D’s Limber 11

Feeling tight all over? Pressed for time? Well you’re in luck pal because Joe DeFranco has a nice, quick routine that you can knock out whenever to help you become more fluid and mobile.

Run through it once during the day during a break from work and then once more as part of your regular warmup and you’ll start to feel a difference in no time.

“When someone asks me how long they should rest, I…

“When someone asks me how long they should rest, I simply tell them “As long as it takes for you to finish the next set correctly.” That is really what it all boils down to: You aren’t in a race when you are hitting your heavy sets of squats, deadlifts, or snatches, so don’t train like it. Patience can be a virtue in the gym, and it is ridiculous to me that some people blow the load on their workouts because they can’t rest for more than 30 seconds without going on to the next set.”

Lift Big Eat Big

Hip Mobility

Simple drill to increase your hip mobility. Just add it to your normal warmup.

Training and Improvising While Traveling

Training and Improvising While Traveling

For some of us it happens more often than we’d like. How many times have you found yourself in this situation’re making massive gains in your speed and strength. It’s been a solid few weeks/months/cycles/whatever and you haven’t deviated from the course or rationalized quitting.

Then…*poof* you’re gone.

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